5 Favorite Actors to Be the Next James Bond

It’s official: Daniel Craig is no longer James Bond. No Time to Die (2021) will go down as Daniel Craig’s final ever Bond movie — but who’s going to take over from him?

The good news is that the James Bond franchise is going to continue. This has been confirmed by the current producer Barbara Broccoli. However, everyone is still hard at work behind the scenes trying to find the perfect replacement for Daniel Craig.

So far, nobody has been chosen to sign that all-important Bond contract. Having said this, though, you’d expect some kind of announcement to be made soon — especially considering the fact that the next Bond film is scheduled for around 2025.

From television to Twitter, lots of exciting names are being thrown around by broadcasters and fans in regard to who they think should be the next James Bond. Here’s a closer look at which actors are the favorites to land this iconic role.

James Norton

Right now, James Norton is one of the leading favorites to be the next Bond.

Best known for his role as Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley, Norton has the looks and on-screen presence to slip into the part of 007. In fact, you could say that he’s destined for the role.

Picturing James Norton in the classic James Bond suit in the middle of a luxurious casino isn’t hard to do. It’s been several movies since Bond was last seen in a casino, so this is something that desperately needs to happen. After all, everyone loved the all-time classic Casino Royale (2006). For the time being, though, Bond fans will have to stick with playing a wide array of online casino games at established and licensed sites such as jackpotcitycasino.com, which is the ideal activity to get into the 007 mood after watching Bond play that iconic round of poker in Casino Royale (2006).

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

After impressing Bond producers with his performance in Emily In Paris, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is heavily rumored to be high up on the ‘Potential James Bond’ list. At 32 years of age, this would make Taylor-Johnson one of the youngest Bonds ever, which would certainly be interesting to see.

Idris Elba

When it comes to the Daniel Craig replacement discussion, Idris Elba’s name has been in the mix for the past 10 years. To this day, the speculative rumors that Elba will pick up where Craig left off continue to make waves through the internet — despite Elba himself saying, “it’s a compliment, but it’s not a truth”.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is tall, handsome, and charismatic. Some would say that he screams ‘Bond’ — which is why he’s one of the current favorites for the role.

After officially being dropped as Superman (again), Cavill is ready and raring to start a new chapter in his career, and there’s no doubt that James Bond would be perfect for him.

Lashana Lynch

Lastly, there’s Lashana Lynch. Since 2021, there’s been a rumor going around that the next James Bond will be a woman. Although Barbara Broccoli has denied the rumor, don’t rule out Lashana Lynch from breaking the internet and landing the role.

Lynch impressed people with her performance in No Time to Die and played the role of 007 for a large part of the movie. Whether or not she will return in the future – this time as the permanent 007 – remains to be seen.


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