Dhruva Sarja’s KD- The Devil Kannada Movie Release Date (2023): Here Is All About The Cast, Plot & Teaser

KD The Devil, the upcoming movie from Kanada Productions, has been highly anticipated by film industry fans. Directed by acclaimed director  Showman Prem, the movie is set to be an action thriller with an incredible cast and production team. While the release date has yet to be confirmed, fans are eager to learn when they’ll get to see this compelling new film.

About KD – The Devil 


KD: The Devil is a future Kannada film. The film is directed by Prem, with V. Ravichandran and dhruva sarja in the lead roles. Showman Prem is also well-known for his singing and songwriting in the Sandalwood genre; his name is Kiran Kumar. KD: The Evil is produced by KVN Productions, a prominent South production company.

Arun Janya composed the music for this upcoming sensational film; the teaser’s background music is sufficient evidence of his efforts. Vijay Eshwar wrote the screenplay for this period’s action-crime film. Top directors and production houses from the Kannada film industry shake hands for this pan-Indian film, which will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu in addition to Kannada.

KD – The Devil  Kannada Movie Release Date

KD The Devil is one of the most anticipated Kanada films, and fans have been awaiting its release date with bated breath. The production team has officially announced the movie’s release date, so the wait is nearly over. According to some sources, KD The Devil will be released on October 15, 2023.

KD – The Devil Storyline

KD The Devil promises to be a suspenseful action-adventure that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats throughout its running time. KD is marketed as an action-comedy. The teaser shows all the criminals and thugs eagerly waiting at the central jail to murder Kaali, the most wanted and infamous gangster. The film describes Kaali’s path to becoming a KD and how her transformation affected the rest of the plot.

KD – The Devil  Cast & Crew


cast k devil

Dhruva Sarja plays the title character, and the remaining cast members have yet to be revealed. The film’s director is Showman Prem, the cinematographer is William David, the composer is Arjun Janya, and the production company is KVN Productions.

KD: The Devil Movie Trailer

The KD: The Devil trailer has not yet been released, but a teaser for the game can be viewed below. The movie trailer is just over a minute extended and provides a glimpse of the film’s plot.

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