Malayalam films which reminds you of your college life

Malayalam films which reminds you of your college life

1. Premam


College life is a crucial part in the movie Premam. The love story of George and Malar begins at the college, where George is a student and Malar is a lecturer. Loving a teacher of opposite sex is natural in college life and the movie brings a nostalgia to those. His heart breaking and the life changing incidents also happens during his college life. Union Christian College is shown in the movie where the main part of George’s life is depicted. The life of bully boys at college in Kerala, who used to miss classes and roam around in canteen and other places. The college part in the movie was the favourite for most of the audience who watched Premam.

2. Minnaram


In the movie Minnaram the college scenes are shown very little, but the college love and friendship is very usual in every college.Mohanlal falling for a beautifull girl in the college, but she rejects him at first. Later she starts to love him, but had to leave him due to some circumstances. Later she comes in search of him and fights with him, but the story ends up in a tragedy.

3. Sarvakalashala


Sarvakalashala is a movie about a college life in 1980’s. Mohanlal plays the character of Lal who hold three Masters degree, but still continues to study in the same college for long time as he is an orphan. The story of the movie revolves around the life of different students in the college and the happenings in their life.

4. Classmates


Classmates was a hit movie and the characters very really appreciated by audience. The movie narrated the story of a batch of students in a college and their lives after they completed studies. The politics, love, friendship, revenge etc that is usual in a normal college life was depicted in the movie. The unknown love and the hidden love shown in the film, made the audience feel more nostalgia.

5. Nammal


Nammal was a story of two youngsters Shyam and Shivan. Their life at college including friendship, romance, ragging, fights were interesting. Director Kamal could bring life to the movie by showing the life of two poor and orphan teenagers as it could happen. Shyam and Shivan lied to their college mates and friends about their status and they pretended to be rich.

6. Chocolate


Chocolate was a story of a guy, Shyam, who was put into a women’s college as he was suspended from many colleges earlier. Shyam bonds a a good relation with three of the gangster girls of the college. He falls in love with one of the girls and their fights and relationship is depicted in the movie. Meanwhile the love of his friends and other college issues are also shown in the film.

7. Yuvajanotsavam


The movie directed by Sreekumaran Thampi was released in the year 1986. Mohanlal, Urvashi, Menaka and Suresh Gopi were in lead roles. Mohanlal played the character of Jayan who becomes an advisor for many young boys and lead them to good.

8. Seniors


Seniors was a Malayalam movie that narrated the story of four ex- students of a college who come back to their college after a long time to study again. Two of them are already married and have kids. They decides to study again and enjoy their college life even after oppositions from their family. They enjoy the life at college but the actual aim is revealed in the climax.

9. Doctor Love

Doctor Love

Doctor Love was a movie that narrated the story of a young guy who is a local writer and later works in a college canteen. There he finds that many guys could not impress the girls they love. He helps many of them and falls in trouble. The fights, finding love, fun moments are shown in the film.

10. Niram


Aby and Sona were childhood friends and they both are very close. Aby falls in love with Sona at one point of time. But he doesnot have the courage to tell her. But meanwhile another friend Prakash proposes Sona and their marriage will be fixed by families. Their life in college, love, friendship, other relationships and fun is depicted in the movie well.