Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela box office collection report

Debutant director Althaf Salim’s movie Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela which released over 114 theatres across Kerala has got excellent reviews from everyone. Most of the shows were houseful in all main centers. As per the box office experts, the movie has already become the second highest grosser in the opening day at Kochi multiplexes. Earlier reports and occupancy shows that the movie can easily become this year’s box office winner.

At Kochi multiplex, the movie has raked 9.12 lakh which is an excellent figure considering the other big releases. It has got 94.93% occupancies for 26 shows.

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Kerala Boxoffice

Date Day Collection Gross
1-Sep-2017 1st Day Collection  1.48 Crores 1.48 Crores*
2-Sep-2017 2nd Day Collection 1.66 Crores 3.14 Crores
3-Sep-2017 3rd Day Collection 1.96 Crores 5.10 Crores
16-Sep-2017 16 Days Collection 14.38 Crores
25-Sep-2017 25 Days Collection 16.25 Crores
Final Gross 17.86 Crores

Kochi Multiplex Collection Report

Date Day Collection Gross
1-Sep-2017 1st Day Collection  9.11 Lakhs 9.11 Lakhs
2-Sep-2017 2nd Day Collection  8.18 Lakhs 17.29 Lakhs
3-Sep-2017 3rd Day Collection  8.13 Lakhs 25.42 Lakhs
4-Sep-2017 4th Day Collection  7.70 Lakhs 33.12 Lakhs
5-Sep-2017 5th Day Collection  7.42 Lakhs 40.56 Lakhs
6-Sep-2017 6th Day Collection  7.78 Lakhs 47.67 Lakhs
7-Sep-2017 7th Day Collection  7.01 Lakhs 54.69 Lakhs
8-Sep-2017 8th Day Collection  7.17 Lakhs 61.56 Lakhs
9-Sep-2017 9th Day Collection  8.07 Lakhs 69.63 Lakhs
10-Sep-2017 10th Day Collection  8.38 Lakhs 78.01 Lakhs
11-Sep-2017 11th Day Collection  5.57 Lakhs 83.59 Lakhs
12-Sep-2017 12th Day Collection  5.46 Lakhs 89.05 Lakhs


Multiplex collection courtesy: Forumkeralam

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