Panchavarna Thatha Box Office Collection – Jayaram

Panchavarna Thatha, the debut movie of Ramesh Pisharody as a director, has hit the screens on April 14 as a Vishu release. The movie met with mostly negative reviews from audiences and critics alike. It has got a strictly average opening at the box office. It could collect over 2 Lakhs from Kochi multiplexes on its opening day with an occupancy of about 69%. Here is the detailed collection report of Panchavarna Thatha.

Kerala Box Office Collection

Date Day Gross
16-April-2018 3 Days Collection 2.05 Crore
19-April-2018 6 Days Collection 3.85 Crore
22-April-2018 9 Days Collection 4.92 Crore
23-April-2018 10 Days Collection 5.15 Crores
29-April-2018 16 Days Collection 8.50 Crores
06-May-2018 23 Days Collection 9.17 Crores

Kochi Multiplex Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
14-April-2018 1st Day Collection 2.49 Lakhs 2.49 Lakhs
15-April-2018 2nd Day Collection 2.68 Lakhs 5.17 Lakhs
16-April-2018 3rd Day Collection 2.31 Lakhs 7.28 Lakhs
17-April-2018 4th Day Collection 2.25 Lakhs 9.53 Lakhs
18-April-2018 5th Day Collection 2.16 Lakhs 11.69 Lakhs
19-April-2018 6th Day Collection 2.11 Lakhs 13.80 Lakhs
20-April-2018 7th Day Collection 3.10 Lakhs 16.89 Lakhs
21-April-2018 8th Day Collection 3.50 Lakhs 20.39 Lakhs

UAE – GCC Box Office Collection

Day Gross
3 Days Collection 66.62 Lakhs

USA Box Office Collection

Day Gross
10 Days Collection 7.58 Lakhs

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