Pulimurugan Total collection – world wide box office US, GCC

After shattering almost all the box office records in the Kerala, Pulimurugan is eyeing to break world wide box office collection records for a Malayalam cinema. The movie was getting huge reception outside Kerala as well. This Mohanlal starrer action film has all the potential to become the first Malayalam film to collect 100 crores from box office. It has collected close to 40 crores from Kerala box office in just two week, which is phenominal for a Malayalam movie.

At ROI box office it is getting tremendous response from people of all age groups. After the first week run Pulimurugan has accumulated 3.5 crores from ROI. As per the trade analysts the movie has crossed 10 crores from its out of Kerala releases from 14 days. Because of huge rush many additional shows were added in Bangalore and other major cities. Unofficial reports says, overall it has become the fastest Malayalam movie to cross 50 Crores from India .

The movie is expected to release in GCC, USA, UK and other countries next month. GCC Release date is Nov 03, 2016.

From UAE itself, 1,65,592 tickes has been sold out after 3 day. The movie has got 12.03 Crores from UAE itself (considering the ticket charge avg 40 AED).

BO Days Collection
Kerala Boxoffice 30 days 63.2 Crores [Details]
ROI 30 days 8.00+ Crores
UAE 3 days 9.82 Crores
Qatar 3 days 1.13 Crores
Bahrain 3 days 1.09 Crores
Kuwait 3 days 91.45 lakhs
Oman 3 days 86.10 lakhs
USA 15 days 1.36 Crores
UK 3 days 74.5 lakhs
Total 87.14 Crores

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