Pullikkaran Staraa Box office Collection Report – Mammootty

Pullikkaran Staraa Box office Collection Report - Mammootty

Megastar Mammootty’s Onam release Pullikkaran Staraa, written by Ratheesh Ravi and directed by 7th Day fame Shyam Dhar, was released on September 1. The movie, which was released with less promotions and pre-release type, has got an average start at the box-office. It has collected over 4 Lakhs from Cochin multiplexes on its opening day. However, this is the lowest opening day figure for a Mammootty movie at Kochi multiplexes this year.

At Kerala box office the movie has opened with below average review, but as per the box office reports the movie has collected approximately 0.96 Crores from Kerala box office. The movie has got only average 70% occupancy all over Kerala from less than 400 shows. On the second day, the movie has got 83 lakhs from Kerala box office

Here is the detailed box-office collection report of the movie.

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Kerala Boxoffice

Date Day Collection Gross
1-Sep-2017 1st Day Collection 0.96 Crores 0.96 Crores
2-Sep-2017 2nd Day Collection 0.83 Crores 1.79 Crores
5-Sep-2017 5 Days Collection 6.49 Crores
10-Sep-2017 10 Days Collection 10.50 Crores
15-Sep-2017 15 Days Collection 12.31 Crores
28-Sep-2017 28 Days Collection 13.52 Crores

Kochi Multiplex Collection Report

Date Day Collection Gross
01-Sep-2017 1st Day Collection 4.30 Lakhs 4.30 Lakhs
02-Sep-2017 2nd Day Collection 4.11 Lakhs 8.41 Lakhs
03-Sep-2017 3rd Day Collection 3.80 Lakhs 12.22 Lakhs
04-Sep-2017 4th Day Collection 3.34 Lakhs 15.56 Lakhs
05-Sep-2017 5th Day Collection 3.63 Lakhs 19.19 Lakhs
06-Sep-2017 6th Day Collection 3.21 Lakhs 22.40 Lakhs
07-Sep-2017 7th Day Collection 2.12 Lakhs 24.52 Lakhs
08-Sep-2017 8th Day Collection 2.03 Lakhs 26.55 Lakhs
09-Sep-2017 9th Day Collection 2.80 Lakhs 29.35 Lakhs
10-Sep-2017 10th Day Collection 2.94 Lakhs 32.29 Lakhs
11-Sep-2017 11th Day Collection 1.25 Lakhs 33.54 Lakhs
12-Sep-2017 12th Day Collection 1.21 Lakhs 34.84 Lakhs