Sudani From Nigeria box office collection – Soubin Shahir

Soubin Shahir’s latest outing Sudani From Nigeria, which has hit the screens on March 23, has got a good star at the box office. Written and directed by debutant Zakariya, Sudani From Nigeria also has Nigerian actor Samuel Abiola Robinson in lead role. On the opening day, the movie has minted over 4.20 lakhs from Kochi multiplexes, which is a good turnover on considering the star value of actors the movie has and the modest pre-release hype around it. Here is the detailed collection report of the movie.

Kerala Box Office Collection

Date Day Collection
25-March-2018 3 Days Collection 2.43 Crores
29-March-2018 7 Days Collection 5.65 Crores
05-April-2018 14 Days Collection 9.27 Crores
12-April-2018 21 Days Collection 11.20 Crores
30-April-2018 38 Days Collection 14.21 Crores

UAE Box Office Collection

Days Gross
3 Days Collection 2.39 Crores
17 Days Collection 4.86 Crores
24 Days Collection 5.24 Crores

GCC (excluding UAE) Box Office Collection

Days Gross
24 Days Collection 3.07 Crores

Kochi Multiplex Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
23-March-2018 1st Day Collection 4.20 Lakhs 4.20 Lakhs
24-March-2018 2nd Day Collection 5.86 Lakhs 10.07 Lakhs
25-March-2018 3rd Day Collection 6.37 Lakhs 16.44 Lakhs
26-March-2018 4th Day Collection 5.00 Lakhs 21.44 Lakhs
30-March-2018 8th Day Collection 7.40 Lakhs 43.54 Lakhs
1-April-2018 10th Day Collection 6.68 Lakhs 56.50 Lakhs
2-April-2018 11th Day Collection 4.81 Lakhs 61.31 Lakhs
6-May-2018 50th Day Collection 0.48 Lakhs 1.36 Crore

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