Why Did Alan Shearer Suspended? A Closer Look At The Controversial Decision!

Alan Shearer, the Newcastle United captain, has been handed a two-match ban by Uefa following an incident during a recent Champions League match against Internazionale. The decision has prompted discussions between Shearer, his manager Sir Bobby Robson, and the club’s chairman Freddy Shepherd about the possibility of appealing the ban. In this article, we delve into the details surrounding Shearer’s suspension and explore the reasons behind the controversial decision.

Why Did Alan Shearer Suspended?

During the St James’ Park match, Shearer was involved in a brawl with Fabio Cannavaro, the Internazionale defender. Uefa reviewed video evidence of the incident, which showed Shearer’s elbow striking Cannavaro’s head. Although the French referee Stéphane Bré only spoke to both players at the time, he later admitted that had he seen the elbow smash; he would have issued a red card to Shearer. Uefa decided to impose a two-match ban on Shearer, considering the provocation involved in the incident.

Alan Shearer

Potential Appeal and Manager’s Response

According to Guardian, following the announcement of the suspension, discussions were held between Alan Shearer, Sir Bobby Robson, and Freddy Shepherd to decide whether to appeal the ban. The club chairman, Shepherd, said they would review the situation before deciding. If an appeal is lodged, it must be submitted before the Monday midnight deadline. The potential ban means Shearer will miss the upcoming Champions League matches against Barcelona and Bayer Leverkusen.

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Implications for Newcastle United

Express. co states that the suspension of Alan Shearer, combined with Craig Bellamy’s automatic three-game ban, poses a significant challenge for Newcastle United. Without their first-choice forwards, the team will face Barcelona and Bayer Leverkusen with a depleted attacking lineup. Manager Sir Bobby Robson will need to find suitable replacements to fill the void left by Shearer’s absence.

Alan Shearer

Similar Offenses and Wenger’s Stance

The potential suspension of Ashley Cole, another Arsenal player, for insulting a referee highlights the issue of player indiscipline. Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger expressed his displeasure with such behaviour and emphasized the importance of respect and politeness towards referees. Cole’s case comes shortly after Patrick Vieira faced punishment for a similar offence. Wenger noted that he never encourages his players to be harmful or disrespectful towards officials.

Bradford City’s Financial Troubles

In unrelated news, First Division club Bradford City recently faced financial difficulties. The team could not pay its players after a significant creditor rejected refinancing proposals. However, the club remains optimistic, as they expect to resolve the issue with the help of financial support offered by the players’ union.

Alan Shearer


The suspension of Alan Shearer has raised questions and discussions within the football community. Uefa’s decision to impose a two-match ban was based on video evidence and the referee’s admission that a red card would have been shown had he witnessed the incident. Newcastle United will face challenges without their captain in the upcoming Champions League matches. The incident also draws attention to player indisciplined issues, with Arsenal’s Ashley Cole potentially facing a similar fate. As the situation unfolds, the football community will closely watch the potential appeal and its outcome.

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