Agastya Chauhan Death Video: Tragedy Goes Viral with YouTube ProRider’s Final Moments

Agastya Chauhan, a well-known YouTuber, and biker, died in a car crash while riding his race bike at 300 kilometres per hour on Yamuna Expressway. After hitting a barrier, his helmet broke, which led to fatal injuries. Even though they called for help, he died right there.

The Tappal police station in the Aligarh district took in the body. It was then taken to a morgue in Greater Noida for an autopsy. He was arrested earlier this year under the Indian Penal Code for doing dangerous things on the road.

Agasthya Chauhan

Video of the accident happened to Agastya Chauhan

Several news sources say that Agastya Chauhan was on his way from Agra to Delhi. The YouTuber tried to reach his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R’s top speed of 300 km/h while going on the Yamuna Expressway. Agastya wanted to do it but lost control of his superbike and crashed into a wall.

Agastya Chauhan

The impact was so bad that Agastya died right away from head injuries. The rider was wearing a helmet, but because he was going so fast, his helmet broke into pieces, and head injuries killed him immediately. Sourav Joshi, well-known on YouTube, has put a video of the event on his YouTube channel as below.

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In the wake of the accident, Aligarh Police asked drivers to be careful and not go too fast. Agastya was charged with breaking several parts of the Indian Penal Code and the Motor Vehicle Act earlier this year for doing risky stunts on city streets in Dehradun. TOI said that Agastya was also one of the 12 bloggers Dehradun traffic cops had found to be doing things that put people’s safety at risk.

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