Top 4 DC Animated Movies Ranked

Detective Comics has come a long way since its premise back in 1937. The company is perhaps best known for spitting forth the titular superhero, Batman. Not only did the Caped Crusader spearhead Detective Comics or DC’s rise to fame but also he is now one of the most widely regarded characters worldwide. DC was quite smart with its superheroes; choosing to bring forth a collection of meta-humans that displayed powers that no other comic book company had adopted at that time. Characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Starfire are iconic, brimming with potential, and set an unbeatable precedent around DC’s bravado.

We’re here today to highlight the best works by DC in the animated films department. Even though DC is heavily invested in reviving/establishing the DC universe nowadays, they always have a couple of animated movies on the sidelines that are a reliable, genuine source of revenue.

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Superman Unbound

After cashing in on the success of the live-action Man of Steel, Superman Unbound was DC’s way of stoking Superman’s box office reign just a little more. The film pit our iconic hero Clark Kent aka Superman and his cousin, Supergirl against Brainiac. According to the movie, this was Superman’s first encounter with Brainiac who introduces himself as an all-knowing, all-powerful being who destroys planets and captures their cities by shrinking them and bringing them aboard his ship.

Brainiac intends to do the same to Metropolis but not if Superman and Super Girl can help it.

Batman v Robin

Nothing sets a good father-son story apart from one where the son is scolded by his superhero dad for the no-killing rule. Before joining Batman on his adventures, Damian Wayne, the most badass Robin to ever exist, was busy being brought up by the League of Shadows. In particular, his granddaddy, Ra’s al Ghul. Now for those of you who may know, Ra’s Al Ghul was Batman’s mentor once upon a time and strictly advocated the killing or cleansing of Gotham to make it a cleaner city. Pun intended.

When Damian is handed over to Batman and the latter is told that he is his son, imagine the amount of surprise that would have struck old Bats. The two clash repeatedly due to a vast difference in their thought processes. Damian believes that justice is a dish best served in blood and due to that very reason finds that working with the Court of Owls rather than his Bat-dad would do him good. Watch this movie to enjoy some bad parenting and good kick-ass action.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Set in Neo-Gotham, which is depicted as a futuristic Gotham that is streaked with neon lights, drugs, flashy cars, and villains, Batman Beyond is arguably the best series/film to exist in 2000. DC really outdid itself when it decided to render a take on a Batman from the future. For us 90’s babies, watching Batman don a futuristic black suit with AI integration, jet boots, and retractable wings was nothing less than a sight to behold. It got even better when Terry McGinnis, the Batman of the future, finds out that a nitty gang of criminals called the Jokerz is bringing the original Joker back.

Mark Hamill graces the movie with his vocals for the Joker and the late Kevin Conroy dons the mantle of a retired Batman who now spends his time in his Batcave with his doggo and an enlarged desktop.

Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Perhaps the most bizarre crossover to exist in the DC universe. On one side, we have an ever-serious Batman, and on the other, four mutated turtles who have been trained in the art of Ninjutsu and corny jokes. Oh and did we mention their mentor/father is a huge rat named Master Splinter? In this title, our turtles find themselves in Gotham where their arch nemesis, Shredder, is up to no good. Naturally, this attracts Batman’s attention who is less than happy to find jumpy amphibians trying to do his job.

To make matters interesting, Shredder teams up with Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins to further his nefarious plans for Gotham City. There are a few more villains peppering the movie along with the main, evil duo and you’d better watch this one with popcorn because it’s going to have you hooked from beginning to end.


That’s a wrap on our top 4 picks for DC’s efforts into its animated universe. Check out these movies if you want something to grip you for a couple of hours with nonstop action, thrill, drama, and suspense. Batman is second to none and he makes sure that his parent company is the same in that regard.

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