Shows Based on History That You Should Watch

While most people have a preference for watching shows that are based on fiction, people also have a preference for watching shows that are based on reality, and the events that they were based on took place a long time ago. These shows are typically called historical shows and they give you a depiction of what things were like back in time. You can catch some shows on TV if your cable service has channels with shows that are based on history. You should certainly look into Spectrum Cable since it features a lot of channels with a plethora of TV shows to watch from.

Coming back to historical shows, you may also stream your favorite shows on-demand online on platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime. Here are some shows based on history that we think you should watch:


If you are looking for a great historical TV show to watch, then you should most definitely watch Spartacus due to its intricate details regarding history. The show came out in 2010 and lasted until 2013 with 3 seasons and was loved by the audience all over the world. The show is set during the first century BC and is about a Gladiator named Spartacus. Though he started as a slave, he started a revolt against the Romans early in his life during the 70 century BC. Not only is the show great from a historical perspective but it also comes packed with the kind of action that would leave you satisfied.

If you have enjoyed movies like 300 and Gladiator, then you would most certainly love this show as well. Even though the show lasted for only 3 seasons, people loved the show and it was able to bag two Saturn Awards for itself.

Band of Brothers

This show was created by two legends of cinema, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Band of Brothers is more directed towards warfare and what life is like for men in the army. This miniseries revolved around the heroic actions of the soldiers from the “Easy Company” of the United States Army during the events of World War II. The soldiers had to go on many difficult missions such as the Battle of the Carentan, the Battle of the Bulge, and the Normandy landings.

If you are someone, who has a keen interest in wars and especially World War II, then you should watch Band of Brothers due to its apt representation of whatever happened during those events and how tough things got for the US Army soldiers.

Vikings: Valhalla

Vikings: Valhalla came out relatively sooner than the other shows. It started airing last year in 2022 and is presently airing too. Valhalla is a sequel to the popular show Vikings on the History Channel, which was a violent take on the Scandinavians under the story of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok. Valhalla, however, is the story of Leif Erikson. It takes place 100 years after the events of the Vikings, the Scandinavians have now mixed with the English, and the show depicts the rivalries among the Vikings and a religious conflict between all of them.

As Ragnar makes his way to England, the Vikings began converting to Christianity and Valhalla features a war between both religions. If Vikings are something that jogs your interest, then you should watch Vikings and Valhalla.

The Queen’s Gambit

Who knew watching a show that is entirely based on chess could be so intriguing to watch? The Queen’s Gambit is about the 1950s and 1960s and how popular chess used to be in that era. Not only did the show lay focus on chess but it also paid attention to what the fashion trend used to be at that time. In the show, we get to see what it was like to be a female chess master at that time. The story revolves around Beth Harmon played by Anya Taylor-Joy and how all her male opponents look down upon her. When it comes to fashion, we get to see all the outfits inspired by bigshots of the time such as Pierre Cardin, Andy Warhol, and Edie Sedgwick. For chess, on the other hand, the matches that were seen in the show were played by real chess masters who excelled at the game, which automatically rose the stakes.

Wrapping Up

If history is something that interests you and you wish to watch shows that are based on it, then you should keep all of these shows in mind. All of them have the kind of story, action, and acting that would keep you hooked to your screen, asking for more after you complete each episode!

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