Bigg Boss OTT S2 Contestant Poonam Pandey Boyfriend, Career, Family, Bio And More!

Poonam pandey is an indian actress and famous person best known for her roles in adult films and other short clips. She started her acting career with her role in her first bollywood movie, nasha, which came out in 2013. It was called “A piece of seduction” and showed how people in school love each other.

She has been in a few calendars, like the Gladrags calendar and the kingfisher calendar. She is the first model kingfisher has ever had to go without clothes. She is one of the most searched-for people on google india and once broke the record for the most downloaded indian model on the web. But it is known that she will be a contestant in Bigg Boss OTT’s second season.

If you want to know more about poonam pandey, her boyfriend, her career, her family, her bio, and more. Please read this piece through to the end.

Poonam Pandey BIO

Name Poonam Pandey
Profession(s) Actress, Model
Debut Tv Total Nadaniyaan (2015)
Debut Movie Nasha (2013)
Eye Colour Brown
Date of Birth 11 March 1991
Birth Palace Delhi, India
Hometown Delhi, India
Age 32 Years
Star Sign/Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism

The Early Life Of Poonam Panday 

Poonam pandey was born on march 11, 1991, in the indian city of kanpur. Her zodiac sign is pisces. Poonam belongs to a hindu brahmin conservative family. Poonam grew up in mumbai. Shobhanath pandey is poonam’s father, and vidhya pandey is her mother. Poonam has one sister, a professional accountant named shraddha pandey, and one brother, nilesh pandey.

The Early Life Of Poonam Panday 

How Did Poonam Panday Get The Media Spotlight?

Pandey became famous through her social media accounts, including Twitter, when she posted her semi-n*de photos. Her revealing images have received much media attention.

When she said she would strip for the indian cricket team if they won the 2011 cricket world cup, the media started to pay attention to her. India did win the world cup, but pandey didn’t keep her word because people didn’t like it. She later said that the board of control for cricket in india (bcci) wouldn’t let her. However, she put a film of herself getting nak*d at wankhede stadium at night on her phone app. In 2012, she posed nak*d after kolkata knight riders won the ipl 5.

She went on to have her own app made for mobile phones. Google banned the app soon after it came out in the play store. Right now, you can only get it on her official site. She uploaded a s*x video of herself and her then-boyfriend to instagram, which she later deleted.

Poonam Panday: Career

As a Model

According to poonam, she constantly desired to be a part of bollywood. Poonam started her modeling career when she was 16. Poonam was on the covers of several fashion magazines. In 2010, she was one of the final eight contestants on gladrags. In 2011, poonam took pictures for 29 calendars, including the most-anticipated gladrags calendar. Poonam also appeared in the 2012 kingfisher calendar. She is one of the most searched-for people on google india and once broke the record for the most downloaded indian model on the web.


Acting Career

In 2013, she played the leading female role in the bollywood movie nasha, her first film. In this, she plays a teacher who gets involved with one of her students sexually. She was given the part of a school teacher who was flirty with one of her favorite students. Some people say that her role is that of a perfect drama teacher and that poonam does a great job playing it. Other people say that her role is that of a seductress.

Some of her things were burned down because they seemed seductive and harmed young people. After she did a great job in her first movie, “Nasha,” poonam pandey went on to work on “Love is poison,” a song from a kannada movie. Poonam was in the movie galti sirf tumhari in 2017. In the movie aa gaya hero, released in 2017, poonam was seen singing the song “Up ki don” with the actor govinda. She was also in the film karma, which came out in 2018.

Reality Show

In 2011, poonam joined the fourth season of the reality show khatron ke khiladi. The news says she was paid 50 lakh to be on display.

poonam pandey in khatron ke khiladi s4

Poonam pandey was a contestant on the reality show lock upp in 2022. Actress kangana ranaut hosted the show, and ekta kapoor was in charge of the show’s direction. Poonam says that she has always wished to work with ekta kapoor. Poonam also noted that being in lockup was because she worked with kangana ranaut. She also said:

She has inspired me for a very long time. I really like women who are opinionated and not scared of anyone. Honestly, we girls are conditioned and trained to be a certain way. And when someone breaks that image and becomes who they want to be, that’s so beautiful. She has broken past the prejudiced system and I can’t wait to interact with her.”

poonam panday in lock upp

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 

According to siasat, Poonam pandey will be one of the contestants in bigg boss ott’s 2 season. Bigg boss ott 2 is expected to come out in june. The second season of bigg boss on voot will not be hosted by karan johar but by bollywood star salman khan.

A Look At Poonam Panday Personal Life

In 2014, when the charge against dig paraskar was being investigated, it was found that poonam pandey and dig paraskar were having an affair. On september 1, 2020, pandey and her boyfriend got married. The wedding was conducted at their home in the presence of their near and dears. A few days after this, she charged her boyfriend for molesting and assaulting her. Because of this event, sam bombay, poonam pandey’s husband, was arrested and sent to jail.

Poonam Pandey married

Poonam Panday: Controversy

Bold Posters

When the bollywood movie nasha came out in 2013, the big ads for it made people in the mahim neighbourhood of mumbai angry. On july 20, a group of protesters ripped up and burned the signs.

Bathroom Series

In 2019, poonam pandey started a series on youtube called bathroom secret series. The series was later taken down because it had material that some people found offensive.

Complaint Against Raj Kundra

poonam pandey made a complaint against raj kundra in 2019. Poonam said that her phone number and the phrase “Call me, I’ll strip for you” were written on her application, which was handled by raj kundra’s business. When the police wouldn’t file a report, she took the case to the bombay high court. Poonam also said she was having a lot of trouble because people were calling her from all over india and asking her to “Strip.” also, poonam said that:

I will approach the cyber-crime cell, too. I am going through this nightmare just because I refused to work with them. I am living under constant threats of abduction, rape, murder and acid attack. My right to live and privacy has been affected. Just because I am Poonam Pandey, you can’t subject me to this treatment.”

Arrested For Filming Adult Video On Government Property

Poonam Pandey was arrested in North Goa on November 5, 2020, for making a naked movie on government land. The Goa Forward Party made the complaint and told the media that Poonam’s video was an attack on women in Goa.

Saved From Elimination

In 2022, Poonam Pandey appeared as a contestant on the reality show Lock upp. She told her fans that she would surprise them if they voted for her and kept her from being eliminated. Poonam’s fans voted for her and saved her. To keep her word, she took off her T-shirt and lived on camera when none of the other jail inmates were there. She also said this to the camera.

Zyaada nahi kar sakti, I can’t break rules. This is a very beautiful platform and is watched by different age groups and I don’t want to do something which can make people unhappy. I wanted to fulfil the promise, but at the same time I didn’t want to cross any limits. I kept that in mind. People who are waiting to see me take off my t-shirt completely, I promise when I come out I will do everything. I promise this entire week I will give you a full dose of entertainment. Remember you seductress princess, I’ll keep entertaining you.”

poonam pandey Saved From Elimination

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