Top Rules for Making a Great Indie Film

Making an independent film is a brave endeavor, and many filmmakers have tried it and failed. But others have attained mind-boggling success from their indie films. The Passion of the Christ is the most successful independent movie. It made $917.94 million at the box office, far surpassing its production budget of $25 million.

If you’re just starting out in filmmaking or working with a limited budget, making an indie film might be your best option. The good news is you’ll control the movie’s voice, style, and production. You have more creative leeway and can tell the story you want to tell because there’s no big production house running the show. Follow these rules to set yourself up for success.

Write a Great Script

Without a script, you don’t have a movie. First, make a great script, then think about the budget. Next, determine whether you can execute the idea with a limited budget. If you have a small budget, don’t write a script for a science fiction movie with a lot of special effects

Take time to carefully plan the creative decisions you make for the screenplay. Pick the right genre, characters, and the setting. To make a great indie movie, you need a script that is more financially viable for you. Consider brushing up on your scriptwriting skills before you get started.

Set a Reasonable Budget

After you’ve created the script, calculate how much the movie will cost to make. Budget for the equipment, cast, crew, permits, locations, and post-production. Even if you’ll do the writing, directing, and play the lead actor, you’ll still need to hire experienced professionals to help make your idea a reality.

Get people who have worked on successful movies with a budget similar to yours. Allocate an amount for each department so you can track production funds easily. This will also prevent you from going over the budget.

If you plan to use your own savings to fund the film, budget well. Find out equipment prices in advance and how much you need to pay professionals. That way, you can set an accurate budget. And if you happen to spend more, you can apply for title loans to make up the difference. Title loans have fewer requirements than other loans, and you get the money you need fast.

Hire the Best Crew

Film crews are typically technicians, creatives, and artists—all the people trying to make the production run smoothly. Determine the most important roles and focus your onboarding efforts there. If you’ll be directing the movie, hire an experienced cinematographer (director of photography), especially if it is your first time.

Ensure the cinematographer is familiar with your ideas and can handle the technical aspects well to improve the visual quality of the movie. A good cinematographer will save you lots of time and allow you to focus your time and effort on other responsibilities. Finding the best crew for your film is the most essential part of pre-production.


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