’72 Hoorain’ Review: A Terror-Related Film Too Sensitive to Avoid Looking Like a Play

The movie 72 Hoorain, directed by Sanjay Puran, came out in cinemas today, July 7, 2023. Since it was first announced, the film has been in the news because of its controversial subject matter. Amir Bashir and Pawan Malhotra play the main parts in 72 Hoorain.

Before, on June 4, the movie 72 Hoorain was shown at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). If what people say is true, there were about 100 students at the movie’s showing. The film’s director, producer, and co-producers were also there to watch the screening. Find the review of the movie as per different critics.

Cast of 72 Hoorain

The well-known director Sanjay Puran Singh, who has won two National Awards, is responsible for making the movie 72 Hooren. Pawan Malhotra and Aamir Bashir both play essential parts in the film. Rashid Naaz, Ashok Pathak, and Natottam Bain also play essential roles in the film.

The movie is being produced by Gulab Singh Tanwar, Kiran Dagar, Anirudh Tanwar, and Ashok Pandit.

72 Hoorain Review

72 Hoorain Plot

The movie’s story is based on how leaders of many terrorist groups offer jannat and 72 hours to Muslim teenagers to get them to join the jihad against non-Muslims and kill infidels. Some people think that this movie could make people in different groups disagree with each other.

72 Hoorain will be out in 10 different languages

The people who made the much-anticipated movie 72 Hoorain said it would be shown in 10 different languages.

Reviews and Ratings by Critics

Review By: The Hindu

Rotting in the cans for almost four years, Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan’s National Award-winning 72 Hoorain has perhaps got a release because the film distribution ecosystem believes that it could cash in the frenzied atmosphere created by The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story at the box office. But truth be told, 72 Hoorain is not a companion piece to the hateful propaganda propagated by the two films. It is a cautionary tale that questions the motive of the poor foot soldiers of terrorism to become suicide bombers.

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72 Hoorain Review

Rating: 3.5/5 Review By: Times of India

By emphasising the futility of mindless killing and shedding light on the notion that religion can often serve as a tool of manipulation, the film effectively communicates the message that religious extremism yields no positive outcomes. Walking a precarious line, the film successfully sidesteps potential pitfalls that could have undermined the efforts of the filmmaker and the entire team. Director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan skillfully navigates the subject matter, crafting an innovative and captivating narrative as a satire, employing the journey of two deceased individuals.

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Rating: 2/5 Review By: India Today

’72 Hoorain’ courted controversy way before it was released in theatres. TThe film was ready back in 2019, and director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan even won the National Award for directing the film. However, it was not released back then. Finally, in 2023, the film has made its way to theaters. One may wonder if the change in the audience’s mindset and their preference for certain content influenced the decision to release it now.

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Rating: 4/5 Review By: Outlook India

There have been films that showcase how terrorism deeply impacts our day-to-day life, but there are hardly any films that daringly question the practice of brainwashing youth into becoming terrorists and killing innocent people in the name of religion.Director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan’s ’72 Hoorain’ exposes the dirty game to trick people into becoming terrorists and turning them into killing machines.

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72 Hoorain Review

Review By: ZoomTV Entertainment

After a long wait, one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2023, 72 Hoorain has hit theatres today. The chaotic saga revolving around the dark world of terrorism is out and about for the audience to judge.

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Rating: 1/5 Review By: Times Now News

Ashoke Pandit’s 72 Hoorain shows how innocent Muslim youth are brainwashed and manipulated in the name of religion by luring them with the assurance of heaven and to meet 72 Virgins, known as hoorain. The film revolves around two dead suicide bombers and their tormenting journey to attain heaven in the afterlife.

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Review By: Jagran

’72 Hoorain’ tries its best to showcase the sensitive issue of ‘terrorism’ and its manipulation with impact but its editing and loud background score make it look like a street play or a theatre act. But the movie does not shy away from displaying the horrendous consequences of terrorism on the citizens, making the audience uncomfortable while watching some of the scenes. The impactful first half and the powerful performances get wasted in the second half of the film, which is all over the place. ’72 Hoorain’ is above average at its best.

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Ratings: 2.5/5 Review By: FilmyFocus

While 72 Hoorain makes an effort to portray the delicate subject of “terrorism” and its exploitation with effect, its editing and loud background score give the impression that it is merely a street play or theatrical performance. However, the film does not hold back from showing the horrific effects of terrorism on the populace, making some of the scenes hard for the viewer to watch. The second half of the movie is disjointed and wastes the effective first half and the strong performances. At its best, “72 Hoorain” is superior to ordinary.

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