When Is The Jawan Trailer Expected To Be Released: Is Jawan Release Date Postponed?

Shah Rukh Khan garnered immense admiration from his global fan base through the release of his film “Pathaan” in January 2023. The action-packed spy movie captivated audiences worldwide, leading it to become the highest-grossing film of the year. Consequently, his fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of his next project, “Jawan,” directed by Atlee.

While the film was originally scheduled to be released on June 2, reports indicated that it would most likely be postponed. But now, a new piece of news the film is still on track for its original release date of the first Friday in June. Moreover, specific information regarding the trailer launch, an anticipated announcement by Shah Rukh Khan, and the film’s promotional strategies have also been disclosed. However, the revealed dates might create confusion and speculation regarding the possibility of a new release date being announced in the future.

Trade analyst Girish Johar tweeted, “With the buzz around #JAWAN sooo hot and team @iamsrk @Atlee_dir @RedChilliesEnt being silent so far. I feel 2nd June date maybe changed as the film is MEGAA HUUUGE and a MAMMOTH machinery is required to pull this multi lingual release successfully at a GLOBAL level !!! #AskSRK Sir pls enlighten @iamsrk #JawanUpdate.”

According to a recent report by News18, a source closely associated with the production of Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Jawan” stated, “I spoke to the production team last night, and they are quite confident about how the film has turned out. The trailer is ready and has been watched. Right now, they are sticking to June 2 release. However, they will take the full and final decision by tomorrow at the latest.”

Regarding the promotional strategy for the film, the insider disclosed that Shah Rukh Khan and his team do not intend to engage in extensive promotional activities. Additionally, the source shared information about the expected release date of the trailer, stating, “The team has understood that there’s enough hype around the film and they don’t need to do much just like how it was for Pathaan. We should expect similar strategy being adapted for Jawan. They are likely to drop the film’s trailer 10-15 days before the release.”

The same report says SRK will make a big announcement at IPL 2023’s finale on May 28. This announcement – if made – would come just five days before the movie hits theaters. The details really make us wonder when Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan will come out.

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