Dasara Box Office Collection: Nani’S First Movie Reach The Worldwide 100-Cr Club!

The movie starring Nani and Keerthy Suresh got off to a great start in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and worldwide. Both reviewers and people who saw the movie liked it, which could mean it will start getting more people to see it. Dasara came out on March 30, 2023, and fans have been excited about this pan-Indian mass show since it was announced. Nani’s film has been released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi.

Dasara Box Office Collection



Dasara has done very well in the market because it is a pan-Indian picture. People like to watch South Indian movies, especially ones with a local plot and action. With a global gross of Rs 38 crore on its first day, the film is the new release this week that made the most money on its first day. On its second release day, it has been estimated to collect a whopping Rs. 12 Crore from India alone. The film is expected to have a worldwide collection of Rs. 53 Crore, making it one of the biggest blockbusters in recent times.

#Dasara‘s MASS RAMPAGE at the Box Office

53+ CRORES Gross Worldwide in 2 days

This is the best opening day for a movie with Nani in the lead role and one of India’s best openings this year. The film is nearly making 10 lakhs ($1 million) on its first day in the US alone, and that doesn’t count previews. On the first day, the shows started as early as 5 am because so many people wanted to see them. Fans saw the actor, known for his range and charm on screen, give a powerful performance.

Dasara Box Office Collection

Since it came out in cinemas last week, Dasara has done very well at the box office. The movie earned Rs 100 crore worldwide in only six days and is still doing well at the box office. The film is believed to have made Rs 2 crore in India on its eighth day. The film is believed to have made Rs 2 crore in India on its eighth day. But starting Friday night (April 7), the collection will go up. On April 6, 2023, 16.02 percent of the Telugu version of Dasara seats were taken up.

In a press release, the production company said the movie had been well accepted in India and the US. “Six days after it came out, ‘Dasara’ has already made Rs 100 crore. This is the first movie by Nani to reach this goal. The film has done well in its own country and abroad, especially in the United States, where it is almost at $2 million in sales.


115.50 Crore gross worldwide or 56.41 Crore distributor share


All India: 92 Crore gross or 69.5 Crore nett

Andhra Pradesh / Telangana: 66.75 Crore gross

Overseas: 19.4 Crore  gross

Karnataka: 8.4 Crore gross

Kerala + Tamil Nadu: 2.88 Crore  gross

Rest Of India: 3.6 Crore gross ( Hindi + Telugu versions)

Dasara Screens

Dasara is releasing in 2800 screens worldwide

  • Nizam: 290
  • Ceeded: 190
  • Andhra: 410
  • Andhra Pradesh  Telangana Total:- 900 screens
  • Karnataka– 80
  • Tamilnadu: 80
  • Kerala: 100
  • Hindi+ROI: 750
  • Overseas – 890
  • Total Worldwide Screens – 2800 screens

Dasara All Days Box Office Collection Table

Day India Net Collection Change(+/-)
Day 1 [1st Thursday] ₹ 23.2 Cr [Te: 22.45 Cr ; Ta: 0.1 Cr; Ka: 0.02 Cr; Hi: 0.53 Cr; Mal: 0.1 Cr]
Day 2 [1st Friday] ₹ 9.75 Cr [Te: 9.16 Cr ; Ta: 0.06 Cr; Ka: 0.02 Cr; Hi: 0.43 Cr; Mal: 0.08 Cr] -57.97%
Day 3 [1st Saturday] ₹ 12.1 Cr [Te: 11.24 Cr ; Ta: 0.1 Cr; Ka: 0.03 Cr; Hi: 0.65 Cr; Mal: 0.08 Cr] 24.10%
Day 4 [1st Sunday] ₹ 12.6 Cr [Te: 11.51 Cr ; Ta: 0.13 Cr; Ka: 0.03 Cr; Hi: 0.85 Cr; Mal: 0.08 Cr] 4.13%
Day 5 [1st Monday] ₹ 3.65 Cr [Te: 3.18 Cr ; Ta: 0.06 Cr; Ka: 0.01 Cr; Hi: 0.37 Cr; Mal: 0.03 Cr] -71.03%
Day 6 [1st Tuesday] ₹ 3.25 Cr [Te: 2.7 Cr ; Ta: 0.09 Cr; Ka: 0.01 Cr; Hi: 0.43 Cr; Mal: 0.02 Cr] -10.96%
Day 7 [1st Wednesday] ₹ 2.5 Cr [Te: 2.08 Cr ; Ta: 0.07 Cr; Ka: 0.01 Cr; Hi: 0.32 Cr; Mal: 0.02 Cr] -23.08%
Day 8 [2nd Thursday] ₹ 2.05 Cr [Te: 1.73 Cr ; Ta: 0.05 Cr; Ka: 0.01 Cr; Hi: 0.25 Cr; Mal: 0.01 Cr] -18.00%
Week 1 Collection ₹ 69.1 Cr [Te: 64.05 Cr ; Ta: 0.66; Ka: 0.14; Hi: 3.83; Mal: 0.42]
Day 9 [2nd Friday] ₹ 1.7 Cr [Te: 1.46 Cr ; Ta: 0.05 Cr; Hi: 0.19 Cr] -17.07%
Day 10 [2nd Saturday] ₹ 2.15 Cr [Te: 1.85 Cr ; Ta: 0.08 Cr; Hi: 0.22 Cr] 26.47%
Day 11 [2nd Sunday] ₹ 2 Cr [Te: 1.75 Cr ; Ta: 0.05 Cr; Hi: 0.2 Cr] -6.98%
Day 12 [2nd Monday] ₹ 0.7 Cr [Te: 0.64 Cr ; Ta: 0.01 Cr; Hi: 0.05 Cr] -65.00%
Day 13 [2nd Tuesday] ₹ 0.6 Cr [Te: 0.54 Cr ; Ta: 0.01 Cr; Hi: 0.05 Cr] -14.29%
Day 14 [2nd Wednesday] ₹ 0.58 Cr [Te: 0.52 Cr ; Ta: 0.01 Cr; Hi: 0.05 Cr] -3.33%
Day 15 [3rd Thursday] ₹ 0.48 Cr [Te: 0.43 Cr ; Ta: 0.01 Cr; Hi: 0.04 Cr] -17.24%
Week 2 Collection ₹ 8.21 Cr [Te: 7.19 Cr ; Ta: 0.22; Ka: 0; Hi: 0.8; Mal: 0] -88.12%
Day 16 [3rd Friday] ₹ 0.35 Cr [Te: 0.3 Cr ; Ta: 0.01 Cr; Hi: 0.04 Cr] -27.08%
Day 17 [3rd Saturday] ₹ 0.6 Cr [Te: 0.6 Cr ] 71.43%
Day 18 [3rd Sunday] ₹ 0.68 Cr [Te: 0.68 Cr ] 13.33%
Day 19 [3rd Monday] ₹ 0.3 Cr [Te: 0.3 Cr ] -55.88%
Day 20 [3rd Tuesday] ₹ 0.25 Cr [Te: 0.25 Cr ] -16.67%
Day 21 [3rd Wednesday] ₹ 0.23 Cr [Te: 0.23 Cr ] -8.00%
Day 22 [4th Thursday] ₹ 0.2 Cr [Te: 0.2 Cr ] -13.04%
Week 3 Collection ₹ 2.61 Cr [Te: 2.56 Cr ; Ta: 0.01; Ka: 0; Hi: 0.04; Mal: 0] -68.21%
Total ₹ 79.92 Cr [Te: 73.8 Cr ; Ta: 0.89 Cr; Ka: 0.14 Cr; Hi: 4.67 Cr; Mal: 0.42 Cr]

22 Days Overseas Collection — ₹ 21.05 Cr

22 Days India Gross Collection₹ 71. 92 Cr

22 Days Worldwide Collection ₹ 115.50 Cr

Is Dasara Movie Hit or Flop?

The early reviews and audience reactions suggest that Dasara will be a hit. The film has received positive reviews from critics who have praised the lead actors’ performances and the film’s direction. Additionally, social media platforms are abuzz with discussions about how great this movie is.

Furthermore, with its captivating storyline and intriguing plot, audiences are flocking to theaters to watch this cinematic masterpiece unfold on screen. From what we can see, Dasara is shaping up to be one of Telugu cinema’s biggest hits this year!

Dasara Budget

Dasara Budget


According to various sources, the estimated budget for Dasara movies is around 65 crores INR. This includes production, promotional, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred during filming. The producers have reportedly spared no expense in ensuring that every aspect of the movie is top-notch.

Given the high budget of this movie, it would not be surprising if it becomes one of the highest-grossing films in Indian cinema history. From its impressive cast to its stunning visuals and captivating storyline, Dasara promises to be a blockbuster hit that will leave audiences on edge till its final moments.

Nani’s Film BEATS Ajay Devgn’s Bholaa

Dasara, a film starring the South Indian superstar Nani, caused havoc at the box office on its first day of release. The film, directed by Srikanth Odhela and starring Keerthy Suresh, competed at the box office with Ajay Devgn’s Bholaa. According to English Jagran, Initial trade reports indicate that Dasara is off to a tremendous start at the box office. On its first day of release, the film reportedly grossed over Rs 17 crore, while Ajay Devgn’s Bholaa grossed Rs 10 crore. Dasara has now become Nani’s career’s highest-scoring opener. Andhra Box Office reported the same report on Twitter

“#Dasara has taken an Amazing opening for a film of its cost. 1st Day WW Gross “estimated to be” around ₹33 Cr! Sensational numbers, other than Top Tier!” 

Nani’s First Movie to Reach 100cr Club Worldwide

Dasara is having a fantastic theatrical run at the box office ever since it hit theatres last week. The film earned Rs 100 crore worldwide in just six days and is still going strong at the box office. On its eighth day, the film is estimated to have earned Rs 2 crore in India (nett). However, the collections will see an incline from April 7 night as Easter holidays approach. Nani took to Twitter to express his gratitude towards the audience, “Our effort. Your gift, Cinema wins #Dasara”.

About Dasara

Dasara is an upcoming 2023 Indian Telugu-language action drama film written and directed by Sukumar’s protégé Srikanth Odela in his directorial debut: Nani and Keerthi Suresh ( Instagram) star. The film is set in the Singareni coal mines in Telangana, close to Godavarikhani. Santhosh Narayan composed the music, Sathyam Sooryan ISC oversaw the cinematography, and Navin Nooli oversaw the editing. Sudhakar Cherukuri produces the film under the SLV Cinemas banner.

DASARA Official Trailer : Release date | Superstar Nani | Keerthy Suresh | Dasara movie trailer

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