‘Dasara’ will become Nani’s biggest opening film!

There is a strong buzz regarding Dasara. It is being promoted as Nani’s first pan India film. The larger than life formula that has become a hit in the recent times is also in the film. Market trends are also running in its favor. It is being told in media reports that it will become Nani’s biggest opening film.

According to trade website Sacnilk, between two lakh to five lakh tickets have been sold so far for the first day. Please tell that a fixed figure is not available anywhere regarding ticket sales. According to that report, the film’s first day advance earnings figure has reached between two to five crore rupees.

The rest of Pinkvilla’s report has also printed the estimated numbers of the first day of the film. According to him, ‘Dasara’ can collect around Rs 25 crore worldwide on the opening day. Out of this, 20 crores are going to come only from the India collection. ‘Dusra’ is a holiday release. Will be released on the holiday of Ram Navami. After that there will be weekend. The film will also benefit from that. It is a different matter that Ajay Devgan’s ‘Bhola’ is also going to release on March 30 only. Despite this, the buzz of ‘Dasra’ has not cooled down. Especially in the Hindi speaking belt.

Blockbuster films have not come in Nani’s share. ‘Dasra’ can end this trend. His biggest opening film has been ‘Middle Class Abbai’. The film collected around Rs 15 crore worldwide on the first day.

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# Where did the story of Dasara come from?

‘Dasara’ is composed by Shrikant Odela. Nani played the character of Dharni in the film. He is a laborer working in a coal mine. Srikanth’s father drove a dumper truck in the coal mine for 40 years. He observed this entire process closely. Wrote this whole experience again in my own way. In an interview given to Film Companion, he told that Srikanth’s narration skills were weak. Still he kept listening to the story. Because he felt that this story was not written sitting in a room. Composed in full detail.

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But writing a story and making a film on it are two very different things. Nani wanted to check whether Srikanth would be able to bring this story from the pages to the screen. That’s why he chose two scenes from the script of ‘Dasra’. Gave it to Srikkanth. Said to shoot it with any actor for the least money and bring it. Along with this, clip the background music of any film. So that he gets a basic idea of ​​what kind of film he wants to make. Srikanth accepted the challenge.

Nani was going to the airport. Srikkanth also joined them. The scene that was shot was shown to Nani on the way. Nani felt that Srikanth has prepared a good scene in the minimum budget. Then he decided that he would do Srikant Odela’s film.

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