Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 First Week Nomination list: Akhil, Gopika, Vishnu and 6 others get grenade lockets

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 First Week Nomination list: Mohanlal’s show kickstarted with a bang on Sunday (March 26). Since the first episode aired, fans haven’t been able to contain their excitement. Bigg Boss Malayalam’s fifth season has a lot of well-known personalities because the show has been getting a lot of attention. On BB 5, there are contestants from many fields, from an actress to a beauty pageant winner.

Ahead of the first-weekday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 5, we have an exciting update for you. The show’s creators plan to stir things up from the first week on, which will surprise viewers. Guess what? Not one but nine contestants out of a total of eighteen have been nominated for eviction this week. Read on to find the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 First week nomination list.

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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 First week Nomination list

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 has barely been live for a day, but already nine candidates have been chosen to be voted off for the week. On the show’s second day, there was a lot of drama, and nine people were put up for elimination. Following are the contestants in the danger zone this week

  • Akhil Marar,
  • Vishnu Joshi,
  • Junaiz VP,
  • Gopika Gopi,
  • Sruthi Lakshmi,
  • Serina,
  • Lachu Gram, and
  • Aniyan Midhun

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One of the stars will leave within a week of moving into the Big Brother 5 house. It remains to be seen how Mohanlal would react to the nominations and if he will roast the contestants for their acts. The contestants were given nine grenade lockets and nine hug lockets in the episode. They were told to choose one of the two and give it to a prisoner. When the person who wins the hug locket is protected from elimination, the people who win the grenades will have to go through the process of being kicked out.

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