Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Full Contestants List: Who all Have Entered the House?

Endemol Shine India and Banijay are the producers of the fifth season of the Bigg Boss reality television show in Malayalam. It is broadcast on Asianet in addition to a continuously delayed stream on the OTT service Disney+ Hotstar. Mohanlal is hosting the season for the fifth year in a row, and it premiered on March 26, 2023. For the first time in the series, the title sponsor, Airtel, chooses one of theΒ Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Contestants from the general population.

The contestants were welcomed onto the stage by Mohanlal to take part in the first episode of the season’s housemates’ introduction. One of the roommates on Malayalam Bigg Boss 5 this season is a regular person without any celebrity status who joined the house and the other contestants to participate in the reality show. This time, 18 contestants joined the Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 house to stay inside for more than 100 days without leaving. The complete list of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Contestants is provided below:

Reneesha Rahiman

She is the opening participant. Reneesha Rahiman, an actress, debuted in “Seetha Kalyanam” as the title character, Swathi. She appeared in shows like “Manasinakkare,” “Bhayam,” and others after the show. She recently made her acting debut in “Sita Ramam” as a negative character.


Rinosh George

The following competitor is the musician Rinosh George. He enters with a bang thanks to the success of his song “I AM Mallu.” Rinosh George is a musician, singer, and actor. With the release of his song “I’m a Mallu,” he achieved fame.​



Dubai Malayali Cerina is the next participant in the competition. The title of “Miss Queen Kerala 2022” has recently been won by model Cerena. She has participated in prominent beauty pageant competitions, including Miss Universe UAE ’21 and International Glam Queen ’19.

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Sobha Viswanath

Sobha, a well-known entrepreneur and fashion designer, joins the competition as the following houseguest. Sobha Viswanath, a Season 5 of Bigg Boss Malayalam participant, is a well-known businessperson in the region. Sobha Viswanath is a well-known entrepreneur and fashion designer who has done everything from running a successful clothing business to getting detained in connection with a marijuana case. For the uninitiated, the philanthropist became embroiled in a scandal after 400 grams of marijuana were allegedly confiscated from her Thiruvananthapuram clothes store. Her battle to establish her innocence, nonetheless, brought her honor.


Sagar Surya

The following contender to enter the house is actor Sagar Surya. His dance moves leave the audience in awe. One of the upcoming actors in the business is Sagar Surya. The actor, who is now a model, began his acting career as Adhi in the sitcom “Thatteem Mutteem.” Recent performances by the actor in films like “Kuruthi” and “Upacharapoorvam Gunda Jayan” attracted attention.


Vishnu Joshi

Fitness instructor Vishnu enters the show with a bang. Fitness model Vishnu Joshi will generate excitement within the Bigg Boss house. His exercise videos and pictures of his toned body are all over his social media platforms.​


Angeline Mariya

The reality show welcomes actress Nalla Samayam with style. She is introduced by the show as the youngest participant. Angeline Mariya, an actress, became well-known thanks to the Omar Lulu film “Nalla Samayam.” She recently gained attention for one of her remarks regarding drug use while the movie was being promoted.​


Sridevi Menon

Sridevi Menon, a social media influencer, takes the stage after performing a traditional dance routine. One of the well-known social media influencers is Sridevi. The author of the content is eager to express her viewpoint on matters of social importance. She has a fan base for her motivational speeches as well.

Sridevi Menon

Junaiz VP

Junaiz VP, a content creator, attends the program while tapping his feet to the hit song from “Romancham.” This young person is well-known for his Amina Thatha online persona. Junaiz has a sizable fan base because of his amusing videos online.​


Akhil Marar

Akhil Marar, the director, arrives quickly at the performance. Fans were shocked by the director’s new appearance, which is interesting. “Oru Thathvika Avalokanam,” starring Joju George and Aju Varghese, served as the debut film of filmmaker Akhil Marar. The director is, nevertheless, well recognized for his contentious responses to problems in the entertainment industry.


Anjuz Rosh

Anjuz Rosh, an actress with a boyish appearance, is present. As an aspiring actress and VJ, Anjuz Rosh receives the nickname “dynamite” from Mohanlal. She is also quite active on TV shows and social media. She frequently turns up in tomboyish attire.



Maneesha, an actress and singer, enters the program with abundant charm. Maneesha, a singer-turned-actress, is one of the well-known names to the Malay public. Fans adore her for playing Vasavadatha in the hit sitcom “Thatteem Mutteem.”​


Aniyan Midhun

Aniyan Midhun, a champion of wushu, enters the home en masse. Aniyan Midhun, a native of Thrissur, is a well-known Wushu champion. The first south Indian ever is affectionately referred to as the “Son of Arabian Sea” and is a member of the Indian Wushu squad. Aniyan is skilled in Wushu as well as kickboxing and karate.


Nadira Mehrin

The following competitor is Nadira Mehrin, a transwoman. Nadira Mehrin, a transwoman, gained notoriety after becoming the first transgender person to serve as the panel’s chairperson for a state university election. As the first transwoman to enroll in a second post-graduate program under the Kerala government’s transgender quota, she is also seen as an inspiration for the community.


Aishwarya Suresh

Lechugram, an actor played by Aishwarya Suresh, lights up the stage. As a contestant in the dance competition series “Super Dancer Junior,” actress Aishwarya Suresh launched her acting career. She later became well-known thanks to the movie “Thinkalazhcha Nichayam.” She has a sizable fan base on social media because of her glamorous appearances.​


Shiju AR

Actor Shiju enters the BB house quickly. Shiju AR, an actor, is one of the well-known figures in the field. The actor has had a chocolate hero reputation since his debut film, “Ishtamanu Nooruvattam.” Shiju has a sizable fan base not just in Malayalam but even in Telugu and Tamil. He can currently be seen portraying the title character, Ravi Varman, in the movie “Neeyum Njanum.”

Shiju A R

Sruthi Lakshmi

Sruthi Lakshmi, a dancer, and actress enter with a dance routine. Sruthi Lakshmi is an actress best known for her roles in movies and television series. The classical dancer started in show business as a young performer in Nizhalukal on television. Later, she won the best actress prize for the television series “Pokkuveyil.” She made her cinematic debut in the Dileep film “Romeo” and went on to play substantial roles in a number more movies.​

Sruthi Lakshmi-

Gopika Gopi

Gopika Gopi, a native of Muvattupuzha, is the representative of the audience who entered Bigg Boss. Gopika was selected from the Airtel 5G Plus Commonman competition. Gopika is working in a courier service in Muvatapuzha. Gopika says that she is very happy to get this platform. Gopika says that she will stay here for a hundred days and cheat on Mohanlal.


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