Shaakuntalam Box Office Collection Days Wise: Samantha’s Film Hit Or Flop?

Shaakuntalam Box Office Collection: On Friday, Shaakuntalam, directed by Samantha Ruth Prabhu and based on Kalidasa’s play Abhijnanashakuntalam, opened in theatres to mixed reviews. Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a star of South Indian cinema, has a new movie out on April 14 titled “Shaakuntalam”. Shaakuntalam was supposed to come out in theatres on November 4, 2022, along with dubbed versions in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada.

However, the release date was later changed because the movie was chosen to be turned into a 3D format. The film’s creators said it wouldn’t be in theatres on February 17, and they will soon share the new date. It was announced on February 10, 2023, that the movie would come out on April 14, 2023. Shaakuntalam is coming out on 800 screens all over the world. This Article Tells You About Shaakuntalam Box Office Collection Days Wise: Samantha’s Film Hit Or Flop?



Shaakuntalam Box Office Collection

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who acts in the upcoming film “Shakuntalam,” has also received well wishes from several South Indian A-listers. Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Ram Charan’s latest pan-Indian film, Shaakuntalam, has launched to dismal numbers at the box office. Despite its extensive promotion, the Telugu film has been met with largely negative reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Even though Shaakuntalam grossed Rs 5 crore on Day 1 in all of India’s languages combined, box office estimates place the film’s Day 2 earnings at barely Rs 1.5 crore. The movie didn’t make much money on April 20th, Day 7. Early trade reports suggest that Shaakuntalam only made Rs. 59 lakh, which is a big drop from its previous day’s earnings. This is pretty low, and the movie is probably going to lose money. It could also be taken out of theatres soon. It has made Rs 7.79 crore net in India over the past week.

If the film doesn’t improve over the weekend, it will be deemed a flop and set back Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s career. Gunasekhar’s mythological drama opened to relatively small numbers and made Rs 3.5 crore on its opening day, according to industry tracker Sacnilk. In the Telugu states as a whole, 32.60% of the population saw Shaakuntalam.

Shaakuntalam Box Office Collection

Production Budget   65 Crore
First Day Collection   5 Crore
First Weekend Collection   7.79 crore
Indian Box Office Collection   4.5 Crore
Worldwide Collection   7.2 Crore
Hit Or Flop   TBA


8.1 Crore gross worldwide or 3.8 Crore distributor share


Day 1:

5 Crore gross worldwide or 2.26 Crore distributor share

Andhra Pradesh / Telangana: 2.66 Crore gross

Tamil: 0.44 Crore gross

Rest Of India + Karnataka: 0.4 Crore gross

Overseas: 1.5 Crore gross

Shaakuntalam Box Office Collection

Day 2:

1.5 Crore gross worldwide or 0.69 Crore distributor share

Day 3:

1.6 Crore gross worldwide or 0.76 Crore distributor share

Day 4:

0.96 Crore Gross Worldwide Or 0.48 Crore Distributor Share

Day 5:

0.86 Crore Gross Worldwide Or 0.4 Crore Distributor Share

Day 6:

0.6 Crore Gross Worldwide Or 0.36 Crore Distributor Share

Day 7: 

0.6 Crore Gross Worldwide Or 0.30 Crore Distributor Share

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Shaakuntalam Budget

The movie was done with a budget of around 80 crores.

Shaakuntalam Box Office Collection

Can Shaakuntalam Regarded As A Hit or Flop?

On April 14th, the movie Shakuntalam, dubbed into Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam, opens in theatres around the world. The early box office returns for Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Shaakuntalam have been quite Good. A box office gross of 100 crores is required to consider this picture a commercial success.

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