How Did South Actor Sarath Babu Die? His Cause Of Death Revealed Here!

The South Indian film industry was left grief-stricken as the news of the untimely demise of veteran actor Sarath Babu broke. With a prolific career spanning over five decades, Sarath Babu had established himself as a powerhouse performer, enthralling audiences with his versatile portrayals in more than 200 movies across various languages.

Regrettably, at the age of 71, the beloved actor bid farewell, leaving behind a void that will be difficult to fill. The news of his passing has sent shockwaves through the film fraternity, with notable personalities like Chiranjeevi, Kamal Haasan, Jr NTR, and Nani pouring out their heartfelt tributes, reflecting the indelible impact he had on their lives and the industry as a whole.

Who Is Sarath Babu?

Sarath Babu

Sarath Babu, born on July 31, 1951, in Amadalavalasa, Madras State (now Andhra Pradesh), India, was a highly regarded Indian actor renowned for his work in Tamil and Telugu cinema. Over a span of five decades, he appeared in more than 200 films in various languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi.

In 1973, Sarath Babu began his film career with a Telugu movie and swiftly gained fame for his exceptional portrayal in the Tamil film “Nizhal Nijamagiradhu” (1978), directed by K. Balachander. His talent and dedication earned him immense recognition, leading to the receipt of eight state Nandi Awards for his remarkable contributions to the industry.

Regrettably, Sarath Babu’s journey came to an end on May 22, 2023, in Hyderabad, Telangana. His extraordinary presence and versatile acting skills will forever be cherished by his fans and the film fraternity. Sarath Babu’s legacy as a gifted actor will continue to inspire future generations.

South Actor Sarath Babu Cause Of Death

Sarath Babu, a respected Telugu actor, passed away on May 22, 2023, at 71 years old. He was admitted to Hyderabad’s AIG Hospital on April 20, 2023, due to severe damage to multiple organs. The diagnosis revealed that he was suffering from sepsis, a life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to an infection harms its own tissues and organs. Despite being placed on ventilator support and undergoing dialysis, Sarath Babu’s health continued to decline. Ultimately, he succumbed to multiple organ failure on May 22, 2023.

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How Did Sarath Babu Die?

As we said Above, Actor Sarath Babu passed away on May 22, 2023, at AIG Hospital in Hyderabad, due to multiple organ failures. Sarath Babu’s health significantly declined after being admitted to AIG Hospital in Hyderabad on April 20, 2023, due to severe damage to multiple organs.

The diagnosed cause of his deteriorating condition was sepsis, a life-threatening condition where the body’s response to an infection results in harm to its own tissues and organs. Despite receiving ventilator support and undergoing dialysis, Sarath Babu’s condition continued to worsen, ultimately leading to his unfortunate passing.

Sepsis is a critical medical condition that requires immediate attention, as it can be fatal if left untreated. It occurs when an infection triggers a chain reaction that causes damage to vital tissues and organs in the body. The symptoms of sepsis may vary in each individual, but common indicators include fever, chills, rapid breathing, confusion, and low blood pressure. If there is suspicion of sepsis, seeking urgent medical intervention is crucial to improve the chances of a positive outcome.

The demise of Sarath Babu serves as a reminder of the seriousness of sepsis and emphasizes the significance of early detection and timely treatment. It is essential to remain vigilant and promptly seek medical assistance when encountering any signs or symptoms that raise concerns about sepsis.

Who is Sarath Babu’s Wife?

Sarath Babu has been married twice during his life. His initial marriage was with Rama Prabha, who happened to be an actress as well. They tied the knot in 1974 but eventually separated in 1988. Later on, Sarath Babu entered into a second marriage with Sneha Nambiar in 1990. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2011.

From his first marriage with Rama Prabha, Sarath Babu became a parent to two children, a son named Sai Kiran and a daughter named Keerthi. In his second marriage with Sneha Nambiar, they did not have any children together.

Rama Prabha

sarath babu rama prabha

Rama Prabha, a distinguished Indian actress, has graced the screens in more than 1,400 films across Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi languages. With an illustrious career spanning over five decades, she is considered a seasoned performer in the film industry. Renowned for her remarkable versatility and ability to embody a diverse array of characters, she has garnered numerous accolades for her outstanding acting skills. Among her achievements, she was honored with the prestigious Filmfare Award for Best Actress – Telugu for her exceptional portrayal in the film “Pelli Sandadi” (1986).

During the filming of “Rama Rajyam” (1973), Rama Prabha and Sarath Babu crossed paths, leading to a blossoming romance that culminated in their marriage in 1974. Together, they welcomed two children into the world, a son named Sai Kiran and a daughter named Keerthi. However, despite their union, their relationship encountered hardships, eventually resulting in their divorce in 1988.

Sneha Nambiar

Sneha Nambiar, previously employed as an air hostess, tied the knot with Sarath Babu in 1990. Regrettably, the couple did not have any children together. Their marital union proved to be short-lived, leading to their divorce in 2011.

Sarath Babu’s marriages garnered considerable media attention and held a prominent status. His initial marriage with Rama Prabha was notably controversial due to their age difference and the fact that they had a child before exchanging vows. Their divorce also became a significant news story.

Sarath Babu’s second marriage to Sneha Nambiar was less controversial but still took many by surprise. They remained married for more than two decades before parting ways. Both of Sarath Babu’s marriages had a profound impact on his personal and professional life. They propelled him into the public eye, increased his popularity, and became noteworthy milestones in his life journey.

How Has The Film Industry Reacted To Sarath Babu’s Passing?

The film industry has been deeply saddened by the news of the veteran actor Sarath Babu’s demise. Regarded as one of the finest actors in Telugu cinema, he showcased his exceptional talent in over 220 films across Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada languages.

The loss of Sarath Babu has invoked condolences and sorrow from industry veterans and political leaders. Rajinikanth, who shared a close friendship with Sarath Babu and worked together in multiple films, expressed his grief on Twitter.

Other prominent figures in the industry, such as Kamal Haasan and MK Stalin, also conveyed their sympathies over the actor’s passing. The forthcoming film “Malli Pelli,” which prominently features Sarath Babu, will now serve as a tribute to his remarkable career. The film industry feels a deep void due to the loss of Sarath Babu, and both his fans and colleagues will forever remember his contributions to cinema.

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