Are ‘Unexpected’ Stars Kylen Smith And Jason Korpi Still Together?

Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi were introduced to TLC fans in Season 5 of Unexpected. The drama-filled series follows teenage girls through their pregnancies as they adjust to motherhood, new family relationships, and significant problems with their children’s fathers. Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith have been the most troubled couple in the history of TLC Unexpected!

The former still gets a lot of hate for how he treated his girlfriend. Things went through the roof when he wouldn’t let his pregnant girlfriend take epidurals when she was in pain. He thought it would hurt their future child. Many people believe he was abusive to Kylen, but she didn’t see it because she thought people did things like that when they were in love. Scroll down to see if Kylen and Jason are still together. Continue reading to find out more about this.

Who Are Kylen Smith And Jason Korpi?

We first saw Kylen and Jason in the fifth season of Unexpected. After seeing him on a friend’s Snapchat, Kylen contacted Jason for his contact information. Within days of meeting, she and Jason were having sexual relations.

Jason called himself a “f—boy,” he explained to the reporters as “a person who goes from girl to girl or has multiple girls and just gets as many as you can — it’s like a game.”

In his interview with Kylen, he said, “I have this thing where I don’t like condoms, and I don’t use them.” Kylen said, “Well, you put it on and then took it off.” “I’m a professional raw-dogger,” he said with a laugh.

Throughout the season, Jason tried to get his young girlfriend to give birth at home, which would have been expensive. Even though the teen mom could give birth in the hospital, Jason thought it was her fault he had to leave during the delivery. In a May 2022 show, a woman from New Hampshire said, “Kylen got me kicked out of the hospital because I didn’t like the epidural, and it made me lose it.” “It’s all her fault.”

Who Are Kylen Smith And Jason Korpi

Are Kylen Smith And Jason Korpi Still Together?

Jason Korpi has been in trouble since his first show on TLC Unexpected. When it was time for his girlfriend Kylen to give birth, he wasn’t there for her. Instead, Korpi vaped in the birthing centre, which made a lot of noise and got her kicked out of the hospital. As was already said, the anaesthetic matter made fans very angry.

During the tell-all, people saw that they were still together. Jason and Kylen didn’t seem to realize how serious the situation was, and they explained their actions by saying they were in a loving relationship. Things have changed.

Jason and Kylen posted a black-and-white picture of themselves with a heartbreak emoji on their social media accounts. A caption also said “breaking news” next to it. So, the people who liked TLC immediately thought the couple might have broken up. The post did, however, also have a link.

Once fans looked into it, they saw it was just a way to get people to click. So, Jason and Kylen were trying to make money from a few clicks and tricked their friends into thinking they were no longer together. Well, that’s no longer the case.

Are Kylen Smith And Jason Korpi Still Together?

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