Filian Face Reveal: Who Is Twitch Streamer Behind The Screen?

Filian is a popular Twitch streamer who is known for her gaming and chatting streams. The social media sensation is also a Vtuber, which means she uses a virtual avatar to represent herself on screen. Several social media sites have given her a lot of fans because of the exciting and fun things she posts. With so much fame and an extensive fan base, it’s easy to see why many of her fans want to get to know her better and see what she looks like in real life After hearing all that, let’s see if the famous VTuber has done a face reveal.

Who Is Filian?

Filian is a Virtual Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media personality. The furry YouTuber is based in North America and works alone. Many people follow Filian on Twitch because of the videos she posts there where she streams VRChat. It’s a 3D model of herself as a girl with white hair, fox ears, and a tail. Her YouTube account has 185k subscribers, and her videos have been watched 27 million times. Filian is part of Mythic Talent and often streams on Twitch. She has been on Twitch since April 18, 2021, but she has yet to make her big appearance. But here’s her introduction. Check it out:

Filian Debut [Self Introduction]

Filian Face Reveal: Who Is Twitch Streamer Behind The Screen?

According to sources, Filian has yet to reveal her real face or identity to the public, and many fans are curious about her appearance. People on Twitter have said a few different things about Filian’s face reveal, but she hasn’t confirmed or denied any of them.

Some people have said they saw her face in sure photos or videos, but others have said they aren’t real or accurate. One Twitter user, for instance, shared a video of a girl with a headset on and said it was Filian.

But other users pointed out the wrong and different things between the girl’s room and Filian’s. Other websites have also said they knew something about Filian face reveal, but they didn’t back up their claims with proof or sources.

Because of this, it is easier to say what Filian looks like once she confirms, shows, or announces her face. She might decide to keep her name a secret for personal or professional reasons. On the other hand, she might surprise her fans by showing her face one day. Let’s enjoy her work and respect her privacy until then.

Filian Face Reveal Who Is Twitch Streamer Behind The Screen

Filian Is One Of The Famous Twitch Streamers

Filian has been on Twitch since 18 April 2021. The famous streamer has over 601,000 fans on Twitch and is now an affiliate on the site. Filian has worked with charities on the site and shared her content. Funds for Heart Health and Disease Research were made through a charity stream she ran in February 2023. If you’re in North America, Filian is an independent female vlogger. As “VTuber alpha” or “VTuber in training,” Filian calls himself, Filian hasn’t made his public debut yet.

Filian constantly streams with full body tracking instead of having her model stay in one place, like most VTubers do when they talk about their content. Reports say she moves around the screen, interacts with it (by playing VR Chat games, for example), and makes athletic moves. Often, she trips over herself or bumps into things. As a “family-friendly” person, she doesn’t do anything that would upset or hurt her fans.

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