How Did ‘Wild N Out’ Star Jacky Oh Died? What Was Her Caused Of Death?

Jacky Oh was a former star of the MTV and VH1 improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out. DC Young Fly, who also appeared on Wild ‘N Out, dated Jacky Oh for a long time. Ms. Jacky Oh, dating comedian DC Young Fly, died at age 32 in Miami on May 31, 2023. Since the news of Ms. Jacky Oh’s death hit the information, it has been making headlines and sending a wave of sadness through social media.

People have been shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Ms. Jacky. Oh, which is why the reason for her death has become the talk of the town. Since DC Young Fly’s partner died at a young age, everyone has been wondering what happened to her. This story tells how Jacky Oh died. What was the cause of her death?

Jacky Oh and dc young fly

Who Was Jacky Oh?

Jacky Oh, whose full name was Jacqueline Rivera, was a talented entertainer and comedian who gained recognition as a former star of the popular MTV and VH1 improv comedy show, Wild ‘N Out. She is Known for her vibrant personality and quick wit, Jacky Oh made a name for herself in the world of comedy.

Beyond her television appearances, Jacky Oh was also known for her long-term relationship with fellow Wild ‘N Out cast member DC Young Fly, and the mother of his three children which garnered attention from fans and followers. Together, they formed a dynamic duo both on and off the screen, captivating audiences with their chemistry and comedic banter.

Who Was Jacky Oh

How Did Jacky Oh Died?

DC Young Fly’s  partner Jacky oh died on May 31, 2023, but the news got out Thursday night. Also, the person said that Ms. Jacky Oh died in Miami. “Wild ‘N Out” shared the news on its Instagram page. A BET Media Group spokesperson wrote.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of Jacklyn Smith, known to the world as Jacky Oh, a talented Wild ‘N Out family member whose impact will be forever treasured and missed. Jacky Oh was a loving friend and beloved colleague of the Wild ‘N Out cast throughout five seasons. More importantly, she was a tremendous mother to three beautiful children,” 

“The BET Media Group extends our sincere condolences to the Smith family, DC Young Fly, B Simone, Nick Cannon, and all friends who loved and cared for Jacky Oh during this difficult time.”

What Was Jacky Oh Caused Of Death?

The cause death of Jacky oh is not revealed. She was found unconscious on May 31 at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami Downtown/Brickell, according to a report from the Miami Police Department that The Los Angeles Times got.

Police were called, and she was taken to Mercy Hospital, where, despite attempts to revive her, she was declared dead just before midnight. Her sudden death has raised questions about Brazilian Butt Lifts because she had had one before. Dr. Zachary Okhah has told his patients that his “reputation for safety is exemplary.” The MTV “Wild ‘N Out” star reportedly died in Miami, where she had allegedly traveled to undergo a “mommy makeover” surgery, according to a since-deleted social media post. However, her cause of death is still being looked into.

What Was DC Young Fly Reaction On Jacky Oh Death?

DC After his partner Jacky dies suddenly, Young Fly stays strong with the help of God and his kids. Oh! You’re telling us it’s important to remain upbeat, even when things are hard behind the scenes.

DC returned to work in New York City on Wednesday and said he’s still sad about Jacky’s death. DC says that his wounds are still fresh, and he still cries over her death, but he’s not the kind of person who will post online about how sad he is. Overall, DC says his new goal is to keep giving hope to people who may also be feeling down after a significant loss. DC shared a post on instagram.

In this post he wrote:

I wasn’t in no rush to post this because I wanted it to be a dream so bad but every hour I’m reminded of realty so I wanna make sure I applaud you in the proper manner 😢You are the GREATEST MOTHER I KNOW your soul was beautiful Yu always wanted the best for others and I admired how our family love each other!!! Never had to worry about our kids loving each other cause you were on top of Dat!!! You kno we GOD fearing and we are grounded by the spirit🙏🏾🙏🏾 we never question the HIGHER POWER 🙅🏾‍♂️we roll wit the punches and continue to live righteous 💪🏾 will always tell our kids how much an amazing person you were especially a GREAT MOTHER!!!

He Continue:

You know how our last convo went 🥺 I prayed for Yu and now we are here.. but it’s ok we willll continue to pray and hold on to our FAITH because that’s alll we kno!! Love you forever and our kids are super strong 💪🏾 they helpin me wit my tranquility no Kap!!!!! U wit me forever ♥️ The QUEEN of my children will always have a spot in my heart and the paradise 😫(Yu gon get me for Dat🥲 but it’s true) LOVE YOU FOREVER jus know we goinn harder than ever and GOD is in control and he got us covered 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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