How did Mila De Jesus die? Unexpected Demise of Weight loss influencer Shocked Fans

According to posts on social media from her family, Mila De Jesus has died. She was a Brazilian weight loss influencer who lived in Boston and moved fans with honest posts about her weight loss journey. She had been married for a short time and had four kids.

mila de jesus

What does Mila De Jesus do?

Mila De Jesus was a weight loss influencer from Brazil who wrote about her story on social media. She got married in just a few months and now had four kids.

mila de jesus

News of Mila de Jesus’s death

Mila De Jesus had a significant impact on weight loss in Brazil. She died very suddenly at the age of 35. Many people followed her on social media after discussing her journey to lose weight, especially after bariatric surgery. She was married not long ago and had four children.

Social media posts from her family confirmed that she had died, but the reason for her death has not been made public. It’s shocking and sad that she died so quickly. Her husband, daughter, and fans are all upset and shocked.

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What caused Mila de Jesus’ death?

Mila De Jesus’s stated cause of death has not been made public. Through social media posts, her family confirmed that she had died, but the exact reason for her death has not been made public.

mila de jesus

The Mayo Clinic says psoriasis is a skin disease that causes a rash with itchy, scaly patches. In an Instagram post from October last year, De Jesus said she had been dealing with it for three months, as reported by Independent. In the caption, she said that the skin disease had spread to 80% of her body and included pictures and a video of her stomach being affected.

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