Is Meri Brown dating someone in 2024? Let’s Explore the Truth!

Since she broke up with her ex-husband, Kody Brown, “Sister Wives” star Meri Brown said that she is now seeing someone else on her birthday.

She wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, “Birthday #53 is looking a bit different for me this year, and might I say, I like how it looks!” Read on to find about her love life.

Who is Meri Brown?

Meri Brown became well-known as one of the stars of the TLC show “Sister Wives.” In 1990, she married the show’s lead character, Kody Brown, and they have a child together. Meri was Kody’s first wife. They were married for 32 years until December 2022, when they said they were splitting up.

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When Meri turned 53 in January 2024, she told her Instagram fans about her new boyfriend, Amos. Since October 2023, they’ve been dating. She called him a “good-looking guy” who loves Christmas almost as much as she does.

Is Meri Brown dating?

According to People, Meri Brown, who was on the reality show “Sister Wives,” is seeing a guy named Amos right now. On her 53rd birthday, she told everyone that she was dating Amos and they had been together since October 2023.

Meri brown

Meri Brown said in December 2022 that she and her husband, Kody Brown, were no longer together. She hasn’t said much about her relationship with Amos, but she has posted a few pictures of the two of them on Instagram.

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How did Merida Brown meet her boyfriend?

Meri Brown met Amos, her new boyfriend, in October 2023, but she didn’t say how they met at first. In an Instagram post on her 53rd birthday, she told the world about her relationship by showing many pictures of them together and giving some information about him.

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Dating History of Meri Brown

On the reality TV show “Sister Wives,” Meri Brown is a star. US Magazine says that She was married to Kody Brown. They married in 1990 and split up in 2014 after being married for over 20 years. Meri is not dating anyone right now, and besides her relationship with Kody Brown, there is no public knowledge about her other relationships.

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Does she have kids?

In real life, Meri Brown has no children of her own. Kody Brown has four women; this was his first marriage to her. Kody and Meri married in 1990 and split up in 2014—over 20 years of marriage. Kody married three more women after that—Janelle in 1993, Christine in 1994, and Robyn in 2014.

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