How Did Utah Based Viral Kitten Tater Tot Die? Revealed Here!

The viral cat from Utah, known for its messy hair and mismatched colored casts, died on Wednesday after exhibiting various symptoms for about a week. Ash Houghton, who was taking care of him, mentioned that he had less energy and was displaying asthma symptoms. Tater Tot was undergoing medical treatment to recover when he passed away. As soon as the news spread that the rescued kitten had died, people took to social media to express their sadness. In this article, we provide you with all the details about Viral Kitten Tater Tot and how he died.

Viral Kitten Tater Tot

Who Was Viral Kitten Tater Tot?

Tater Tot was only a day old when he was found with all four of his legs broken. Tater Tot was known for his wild appearance, tangled hair, and different coloured casts. His home state of Utah, where he lived, was where he often wrote about his travels.

When Did Tater Tot Get Famous?

Tater Tot went viral in the summer of 2023 when his owner started sharing pictures of him in the THIS CAT IS GROMPY Facebook group. To bring attention to animals with special needs, the pictures often showed his coloured casts, which people usually call “bonkers.”

“Special needs kitties or special needs animals in general have a much harder time finding humans who are willing to put in the time and sometimes the financial expense of caring for them but they’re everywhere,”.

Houghton said that Tater Tot had been found with a cleft mouth and deformed legs on all four legs. His front legs were bent at 90 degrees, and his back legs were curled.

When Did Tater Tot Get Famous

How Did Utah Based Viral Kitten Tater Tot Die?

Ash Houghton, who had been caring for him, wrote on Facebook that he had died. Ash Houghton wrote on Facebook’s “Tater Tot and His Spudbuds” page about the kitten.

Tater Tot’s rescuer and foster mom, Ash Houghton, said the kitten showed signs of pneumonia and had less energy. This is why she gave him medicine and a nebulizer as part of a routine for pneumonia.

The treatment didn’t help the kitten because he died suddenly. Houghton also wrote that she thought Tater Tot had a heart problem, but “he was too small to run any tests on him yet.” She said that, now that she thinks about it, he may have had a heart that was too big for him, and “it just couldn’t keep up with him.” Ash Houghton kept talking and said:

“This tiny little potato has had such a profound impact on my heart, and I am so unbelievably happy I got to share him with the entire world.”

She talked about how the community treated her late foster child with “kindness, humour, and compassion,” and she also said:

“I hope that his resilience during this short time here continues to inspire people.”

Also, the rescue kitten’s foster mom told the kitten’s fans that she would wait to shut down the page. Instead, she will continue to share stories about other animals with different bodies and keep the kitten’s memories alive. She thanked everyone for their help and told them to save more animals.

How Did Utah Based Viral Kitten Tater Tot Die

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