Is Ellie Harrison Married? Know More About Her Love Life

Ellie Harrison, an English television host, has been a part of BBC One’s Countryfile since 2009. The Discovery Channel, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 featured the 42-year-old presenter. Everybody wants to know if she’s married and has kids, and we has all the details.

Who is Ellie Harrison’s husband?

Although the Countryfile host and her long-term lover, Matt Goodman, have been together for over ten years, the broadcaster is not married. Matt has been Ellie’s partner since 2005, and the two are engaged. Despite being together for 15 years, the couple has still not tied the knot, ass per Express.

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Ellie Harrison is a famous figure, but she likes to keep her private life out of the limelight, so information about their relationship is kept relatively quiet.

Being a doctor like Matthew Goodman shows that you want to make a difference in people’s lives and the world. Their bond is stronger because of this shared interest.

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Does Ellie Harrison have kids?

Ellie and Matt are parents to a son and two daughters. Red Goodman is thirteen years old, Lux Goodman is eleven, and she has not revealed the identity of her seven-year-old child.

She didn’t want social media to spoil her day, so she created no accounts. Supposedly residing in Gloucestershire, the family values secrecy greatly.

Famous UK presenter Ellie Harrison is rumoured to be married to Matt Goodman, although the couple has not publicly acknowledged the news.

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Who is Matt Goodman?

Matt Goodman is a doctor and medical practitioner by trade. His family, origin, birthday, place of birth, educational history, and other personal facts could be better.

The Daily Mail reports that Dr Goodman was in a relationship with Holly Willoughby of This Morning. “Holly and Matt are from Brighton and went out for quite a while,” their insider stated. Matt’s dad, Peter, is a dentist, and he and his wife were heartbroken when they and Holly broke up.

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