Is Jess Hilarious pregnant? Jess Hilarious Shares Exciting News on Her 32nd Birthday

To her roommates, Jess Hilarious has been 32 years old today (Feb. 13). There’s more to the comedian’s life than just that, though.

Chris, Jess Hilarious’ boyfriend, told this morning’s “Breakfast Club” that they are going to have a “little bundle of joy.” Yes, you did read that right! Jess Hilarious is going to have her second child soon!


Is Jess Hilarious pregnant?

The Shade Room says that Jess Hilarious is pregnant. She told everyone on her 32nd birthday, February 13, 2024, that she knew after her boyfriend Chris told everyone on “The Breakfast Club.” She is going to have her second child.

How many children does Jess Hilarious have?

The only child Jess Hilarious has is a son called Ashton Amar James. He was born in 2012.


Who is Jess’s kid’s father?

Jess Hilarious hasn’t told the world who the father of her son is. But it is known that his name is Gerome and that they broke up soon after the birth of their son, Ashton Amar James, in 2012.

Gerome and Jess are now co-parents and get along well. In 2022, they started a YouTube show called Co-Parenting Therapy.

In it, they talked about how they wanted to keep their friendship and “unbreakable bond” with their kid.

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Jess’s Hilarious Past Relationships

Jess Hilarious has been in several public relationships. In 2019, she confirmed her relationship with Kountry Wayne, a fellow comedian. They were often seen together, sharing their moments on social media platforms.

However, their relationship ended amicably after a few months, with both parties expressing their continued support and friendship for one another.


In 2018, she was in a relationship with a person named Chris, and there were rumors about her dating her best friend, Ms Goode Morning, in 2020.

Additionally, she was also linked to Daniels Parsons in recent years. They reportedly started dating in early 2021 and were involved in a serious relationship. However, as of 2023, there is no official confirmation or public announcement regarding her current relationship status.

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