Is Sarah Geronimo pregnant? Couple Addressed Pregnancy Rumors

Is Sarah Geronimo pregnant? There are a lot of stories and guesses going around in the entertainment business. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not the famous Filipina singer, actor, and model Sarah Geronimo is pregnant.

Let’s learn more about her well-known job and hear what her husband, Matteo Guidicelli, has to say about the rumors that she is pregnant.

Is Sarah Geronimo pregnant?

News stories from the past few days have led to reports that Sarah Geronimo is pregnant with her husband Matteo Guidicelli.

Sarah has not said anything about these reports, though. In a recent interview, Sarah said that the reason she had to stop her show was medical and not because she was pregnant.

Matteo has also said that the reports are false and that his wife is not pregnant. The couple has said that they want to have a family in the future, but there is no proof that Sarah is pregnant right now.

Matteo Guidicelli cleared the air about the reports that his wife Sarah Geronimo was pregnant, as per reports of Push. People on the internet thought Sarah looked like she had a baby bump in a picture of the couple shared by Matteo Guidicelli on New Year’s Eve.


Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo Discussed Pregnancy Rumors

Without feeling rushed or under any kind of pressure, Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli want to start a family of three one day.

The lovely couple was very excited to meet the media at the launch of their newest project, G Studios, on October 9. There were some questions for the couple, like why Sarah had to stop her show in Pampanga.

“Medical reasons” were given as the reason for Sarah and Bamboo’s postponed Pampanga show on September 28. The Popstar Royalty said this in a social media post.

Because Sarah said she had “medical reasons,” a lot of people think the singer might be pregnant. When Sarah heard the rumors, she laughed and said, “Sana, sana.” She thought they were funny.


Cosmopolitan says that the singer said that the show had to be canceled because of trouble with her vocal cords. “Medyo nagkulang lang po ng preparation vocally, and physically, it took a toll on my vocal cords,” she told the news.

While talking to ABS-CBN News, Matteo Guidicelli said that Sarah is not pregnant. “That’s hot, ng asawa ko right now, eh. He said, “Hindi, ano lang ‘yan, hangin lang ‘yan sa bundok.”

Matteo also said that they want to enjoy their time together as husband and wife first. “Have fun with the upcoming assignment.” Having fun with the isa’t isa. “I hope soon,” he said.


Who actually is Sarah Geronimo?

Sarah Geronimo is a famous singer, actress, and TV host from the Philippines. She was born in Santa Cruz, Manila, on July 25, 1988.

In the Philippines, Geronimo won a singing contest and became famous. He is now one of the most popular and important artists in the country.

She has a lot of loyal fans because she has put out a lot of records and been in a lot of movies and TV shows. Many people call Geronimo “Popstar Royalty” and praise her for her amazing ability and wide range of performances.

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Who is Sarah Geronimo married to?


Sarah Geronimo is married to star Matteo Guidicelli, who is Filipino and Italian. In February 2020, they got married in Taguig City, Philippines, in a small wedding. They’ve been married for three years as of May 2023.

What does Matteo Guidicelli do?

The Filipino Matteo Guidicelli acts, models, sings, and former kart racer. The Philippines gave birth to him on March 26, 1990. Guidicelli first became famous for his racing career, which he began when he was 11 years old.

Among his many awards is the Karter of the Year award, which he has won three times. After taking workshops at the New York Academy, he became interested in acting and started playing in plays.

He is currently signed with Viva Artists Agency and has been in several TV shows and movies. Guidicelli works as an entertainer, but he is also a 2nd Lieutenant in the Philippine Army, which he joined in 2019.

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