Who is Joanna Chimonides? A Glimpse into the Journey of Love Island All-Stars Contestant

Friends from Love Island have returned to the Villa for another chance at love on Love Island All-Stars. So far, the show has shown ex-lovers getting back together and ex-flings meeting in real life.

The drama keeps getting worse. Some well-known group members have already been dumped, and since there is no Casa Amor this season, the finale is coming up quickly.

Along with Casey O’Gorman, 27, Joanna Chimonides is one of the new bombshells. People were upset when Joanna hooked up with Michael Griffiths, 32, while future winner Amber Rose Gill, 26, was still single.

Joanna will be eager to catch Tom Clare’s attention when she walks into the All-Stars Villa since he has already said that he finds her beautiful. Let us find more information about her and her journey within the show.

Joanna Chimonides

Who is Joanna Chimonides?

Joanna Chimonides is a reality TV star and public figure from London. In 2019, she first showed up on Love Island, accorrding to Heart.

Since the show, Joanna has had a successful career as an influencer and now works as a brand spokeswoman for Pandora Jewellery. She also speaks out for the Down’s Syndrome Association.

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Where does Joanna Chimonides from Love Island come from?

Joanna Chimonides was born in London. Just before entering the Villa, Joanna said, “This time, I won’t play it safe.”

“The last time, I met someone great, but I didn’t allow myself to meet anyone else.” If I liked someone else, I didn’t spend too much time getting to know them out of respect for the person I was with.


What season of Love Island was Joanna Chimonides in?

27-year-old man Joanna first appeared on Love Island in 2019’s Season 5. She entered the island through Casa Amor, where she re-coupled with Michael Griffiths, leaving Amber Rose Gill alone.

Tom Clare, also from the island, is most interested in London-based influencer Joanna. In his interview before the island, he said she was one of the girls he would be excited to see if she came to the house.

The first time she was on Love Island, Joanna didn’t last long. She was voted off by the people soon after Casa Amor got back together.


Who was Joanna Chimonides’ Love Island partner?

On Love Island, Michael Griffiths and Joanna Chimonides were paired up. Joanna, one of the Casa Amor girls, made a fuss when she got together with Michael, leaving Amber alone.

Her time on Love Island was rough, and she was kicked off without Michael. After leaving the show, they kissed but chose to stay friends.

Who has Joanna Chimonides dated?

Before the show, she was seeing Ben Chilwell of Leicester City. She dated Michael Griffiths on Love Island, but the relationship didn’t last.

Michael chose to stay in the house after Joanna was kicked out on day 42, saying their relationship might benefit from some time apart. Joanna wasn’t happy about this.

Joanna said after she left, “Part of me thought Michael would leave with me, but I don’t want to be in charge of someone else’s life journey. I respect that if he wants to stay in the Villa to meet someone new or see where things go.”


“That’s too bad, but I wouldn’t hold that against him.” But they could make up, and they stayed friends after the show.

Joanna also made people think she was dating former Love Island star Jack Fowler. She then told him they’d been good friends for a long time, which cleared things up.

What happened between Michael Griffiths and Joanna on Love Island?

CapitalXtra says that After a famous beach party, Joanna was kicked out of the house, but Michael chose to stay there. He told her then that he thought they should spend some time apart for the sake of their relationship.

He said, “If you found what you want, you should leave, mate.” “But you’re not, so you’re a f**king snake,” which fans still say after five years.

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