Is Käärijä Gay? Why Is Rapper Sexuality Being Questioned?

Jere Poyhonen is a Finnish rapper, singer, and songwriter named Käärijä on the job. He sang “Cha Cha Cha” to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. The people voted for him first, and he came in second with 526 points. His song was number one on the charts in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Sweden.

It also made it to the top ten in thirteen other countries, including the UK, where it was the first Finnish song ever to do so. People often recognize him by his green jacket statement sleeves, which have become essential to who he is.

Yet, his distinct style has led some fans wonder about his sexuality. His unique fashion choices challenge the usual norms, sparking talks about his Sexuality. But because of his style, many Finnish singer fans think he is gay. But are the ideas correct?

In our investigation, we dig into these discussions to find out if the guesses about Käärijä’s sexuality are true. Come along as we explore the details and try to get a better grasp of the artist beyond his music.


Who Is Käärijä?

Kaarija was born on October 21, 1993 in Vantaa, Finland. As the son of Mikko and Arja Poyhonen, Poyhonen grew up in the Ruskeasanta neighbourhood of Vantaa, which is part of Greater Helsinki. He got into music while learning to play the drums, and in 2014, he started making songs. Because he likes to gamble, his stage name comes from the saying “to make a quick buck” (kaaria rahaa).

Before 2017, when he signed with the record label Monsp Records, Kaarija put out all his songs independently. Later, he put out a two-song EP called “Koppi Tules” and “Nou problem,” which had some of his best songs.

On January 11, 2023, Kaarija was chosen as one of seven people to compete in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2023, the national selection for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. This was a big moment in his career. Loreen from Sweden got the most votes from the people in the final (526), and Kaarija got 376 points, which put her in second place overall.

Who Is Käärijä

Is Käärijä Gay?

According to sources, Kaarija is not gay. The Finnish singer is rumoured to be gay, most prominently because of his fashion taste. People have wondered if he is gay because he often wears bright green bolero sleeves. But a person’s sexual orientation is a unique and challenging part of who they are that can’t be guessed from how they look or what people think about them.

Is Käärijä Gay?

Who Is Käärijä Dating?

Jere Poyhonen is not dating anyone right now because he is single. He has never been in a relationship with a guy or a woman. There are no rumours that he is dating anyone, so we know that he is single and only cares about his work.

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