Is “Meteorologist” Merry Matthews Pregnant? Addressing The Pregnancy Rumours!

Merry Matthews is an American meteorologist who has won an Emmy Award. She is the top meteorologist at KRDO-TV, Channel 13, an ABC affiliate in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States. Merry Matthews has made a name for herself in the industry and is known for her expertise in weather forecasting.

Before joining KRDO, Merry Matthews worked as a meteorologist for Weather Nation in Denver, Colorado. She joined Weather Nation in May 2014 and worked there for 2 years and 7 months before leaving the job. She is also proud to be the wife of a military man and the mother of two boys.

People are interested in the meteorologist personal life. Also there is rumours started going around that she is pregnant. In this article, we tell you what’s really happening. Join us on this journey to discover the truth behind the rumors and what’s to come.

Merry Matthews

Is Merry Matthews Pregnant?

Merry Matthews is not pregnant. All sources point to the same conclusion: the rumor is not valid. We have conducted thorough research through her social media accounts, and the rumors about her being pregnant don’t appear to be true. Merry Matthews prefers to maintain her privacy, especially when it concerns her family. If Merry Matthews were expecting another child, she would inform her coworkers and make it public.

Is Merry Matthews Pregnant?

Merry Matthews Is Married With David Buchan

Merry Matthews  is married to David Buchan. The couple got engaged on December 25, 2022, which made everyone who liked them very happy. Merry and David are so lucky to have two adorable boys. The couple got married on 17 july 2023. Merry shares a images on instagram. In this post he wrote:

Thank you, all for the love and support for David and I these last few weeks! We feel it and we cannot express how much it means to us.

Military life will bring a lot of separation in the next two years but our roots are strong and our faith is stronger . We got this!

Merry Matthews Is Married With David Buchan

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  1. Does anyone know if she has addressed this? She is absolutely wearing maternity clothes, and. if you see a side view, if she isn’t pregnant, she is 6 months gone with a tumor of some sort.


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