Is “News Anchor” Kelly Evans Pregnant? Addressing The Pregnancy Rumours!

Kelly Evans is an American reporter and co-anchor of the CNBC business news show Power Lunch. She used to work out of CNBC Europe’s offices in London, England, from May 2012 to May 2013.

Now, she works out of CNBC’s headquarters in New Jersey. Before she joined CNBC, she was an economics writer at The Wall Street Journal, where she wrote the “Ahead of the Tapes” column, contributed to “Heard on the Street,” and hosted the daily “News Hub” on Before she joined CNBC, she was a frequent speaker on other TV news shows.

Not only has she made a name for herself in the media world, but her journey as a mother has also won the hearts of many people. After the births of her four children in the past few years, rumours have spread that Kelly Evans will have a fifth child. This article examines the claims that Kelly Evans is pregnant with her fifth child and the chance that this is true Or not Let’s find out.

Kelly Evans

Is Kelly Evans Pregnant?

According to sources, Kelly Evans is not pregnant right now. There are many rumours on the Internet that the CNBC reporter is pregnant. These stories are not proof; they are all based on hearsay and speculation. If Kelly were pregnant, she probably would have publicly stated it.  She also shows no signs that she will have her fifth child. She uses Twitter but hasn’t said anything about this yet. . So, Kelly Evans will not be expecting in 2023.

Is Kelly Evans Pregnant?

Kelly Evans And Her Husband Share Four Children

Kelly Evans and her husband value their privacy, especially regarding their kids. There isn’t much known about their four children. In 2019, a year after the birth of their first child, the couple gave birth to their second child. Greg, their older than two-year-old son, is their second child and is also a male. Kelly and her spouse have a daughter named Annie, who is the youngest child. It has been only one year since her birth.

Kelly and her husband met when he was a writer for CNBC covering sports and business. Eric, Kelly’s husband, changed careers by starting an independent insurance business with her father. Most likely, the fact that they were experts in the same field played a role in this choice.

This project has helped Eric’s and Kelly’s families get along well with each other. In short, there have been rumours that Kelly Evans is pregnant, but no solid evidence supports these claims. Kelly and her husband value their privacy, especially regarding their children, and keep a low public image. Kelly shares pic of her four children and her husband on instagram.

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