Meet Bigg Boss OTT Fame Jad Hadid Daughter: Photos, Name, Age And More!

Jad Hadid, known for his appearance on ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, recently shared insights into his personal life, shedding light on his daughter and his relationship with his ex-wife, Ramona Khalil. Despite their separation, Jad and Ramona prioritize their daughter’s well-being and have maintained a healthy co-parenting dynamic. Let’s delve into the details of Jad Hadid’s daughter, Cattleya Hadid.

Jad Hadid Bio

Age (As of 2023) 37 Years
Birthplace Beirut, Lebanon
Hometown Beirut, Lebanon
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nationality Lebanese
Religion/Religious Views He is an Arab
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Hobbies Gymming, Traveling


Know About Jad Hadid’s Daughter Cattleya Hadid

Name Age Mother’s Name Father’s Name
Cattleya Hadid Varies Ramona Khalil Jad Hadid

According to PKBNews,  Cattleya Hadid, the daughter of Jad Hadid and Ramona Khalil, was born in 2019, two years after their marriage. She is the epitome of love and joy in their lives. Despite their separation, Jad and Ramona continue to cherish their daughter and provide her with a nurturing environment.


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Who Is Cattleya Hadid Mother, Ramona Khalil?

Ramona Khalil: An Accomplished Figure in Fitness and Nutrition Ramona Khalil, renowned as a fitness model and dietician, has established herself as a trusted authority in promoting a healthy lifestyle. She gained recognition as the ex-wife of Jad Hadid, but her accomplishments go beyond her marital status.

Jad Hadid daughter

Ramona’s expertise in fitness and nutrition has propelled her into the limelight, inspiring many with her dedication to empowering individuals to make informed choices about their food and overall well-

Jad Hadid’s Daughter Cattleya Hadid Photos



Jad Hadid, a Loving Father

Jad Hadid, a Loving Father Jad Hadid actively celebrates his daughter’s life through social media. In a recent heartfelt post on May 13, he expressed profound emotions and gratitude toward being a father. His words reflect his immense love and appreciation for Cattleya, describing her as his little star and the reason for his smiles. Jad’s message portrays his deep bond and devotion as a father.


 Cattleya Hadid, the daughter of Jad Hadid and Ramona Khalil, is a cherished and beloved child. Jad and Ramona, despite their separation, continue to prioritize their daughter’s well-being and demonstrate their unwavering love and commitment as parents. Cattleya’s journey is filled with love, celebrations, and a nurturing environment, reflecting the strong bond shared by her parents. As she grows, she will continue to be surrounded by the love and support of her parents, shaping her into the best version of herself.

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