Is Dixie Chicks Lead Singer Natalie Maines Gay? Revealing Her Sexuality Here!

Natalie Maines is a famous American singer. She is the lead singer for the country band The Chicks. After Maines graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1995, the Dixie Chicks asked her to replace Laura Lynch as their lead singer. Between 1998 and 2007, the band won 10 Country Music Association Awards and 13 Grammy Awards, with Maines as the lead singer.

The Dixie Chicks released Taking the Long Way in 2006, and Maines was still the lead singer. The record won five Grammy Awards, including history of the Year. The Chicks’ record Gaslighter came out on July 17, 2020. Maines first solo record, Mother, came out on May 7, 2013.

However, being a famous celebrity is not easy. There are many rumors on the internet regarding celebrities. There is a rumor on the internet that Natalie Maines is gay. So, is Natalie Maines gay? Or are these rumors not true? In this article, we will tell you everything about Natalie Maines’ sexuality. Let’s find out here.

Natalie Maines

Is Natalie Maines Gay?

Natalie Maines is not gay. People have thought that Natalie Maines is gay because she supports the LGBTQ+ group so much.

In an interview with USA Today, she was honest about her liberal views on many social topics, including her unwavering support for gay rights and marriage equality. She told me:

“I’m pro-gay marriage. Pro-gay everything,” she said. “I’m pro-choice. I’m liberal on every social aspect, probably. More liberal than people would even believe.”

But it’s important to say that her strong support for the LGBTQ+ group does not mean anything about her sexuality.

Natalie Maines has only been with guys in the past, proving she is straight. Natalie’s strong support for allies shouldn’t overshadow the fact that she is straight.

Is Natalie Maines Gay?

Is Natalie Maines Dating Someone?

Natalie Maines is not dating anyone right now. She was married Adrian Pasdar for 19 years before they split up in 2019.

Maines and actor Adrian Pasdar ran into each other at the wedding of bandmates Emily Erwin and Charlie Robison in May 1999. Maines and Pasdar said their vows to each other at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on June 24, 2000.

They were lucky to have two boys. While married, Maines called herself Natalie Pasdar and wrote songs under this name. After Maines filed for divorce in July 2017, it was completed in December 2019. Several songs on 2020’s record Gaslighter were influenced by what led to her divorce.

Is Natalie Maines Dating Someone

What Is Natalie Maines Net Worth In 2023?

Accoridng to Celebritynetworth, Natalie Maines has a net worth of $40 million in 2023. Natalie Maines became rich and famous when she joined the country singing group The Dixie Chicks.

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