Is Red, White & Royal Blue Star Nicholas Galitzine Gay? Playing A Gay Character Raise Questions!

Nicholas Galitzine is an actor from Great Britain. In 2015, he was in an episode of the TV show Legends. In 2016, he played the lead in the teen movies High Strung and Handsome Devil. Later, he played lead roles in the supernatural horror movie The Craft: Legacy (2020) and the musical movie Cinderella (2021), for which he also composed music. The love movies Purple Hearts (2022) and Red, White, and Royal Blue (2023), as well as the sex comedy Bottoms, brought Galitzine more attention.

Nicholas Galitzine made news when he played an LGBTQ character in the hit Amazon Prime video film “Red, White, and Royal Blue,” which came out in 2023. Now people want to know, Is Nicholas Galitzine gay? In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Nicholas Galitzine sexuality.

Nicholas Galitzine

Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay?

In an interview with Variety in August 2023, Nicholas Galitzine said he was straight and talked about how he felt about Henry despite their different sexuality. He said, “I think it’s a very sensitive subject,”

“I think it’s a very sensitive subject, “I think the important thing for me was to let Matthew know that I loved who Henry was as a person, and I empathized with him as a character, and I just wanted to try and deliver as honest a performance — never a caricature — as I could.”

He continued,

“I think we were just always on the same page with trying to create a very textured, vulnerable-feeling person in this quite poppy and fun world that that Red, White & Royal Blue is at times. But look, there’s always trepidation. I can only hope that fans really will appreciate my performance. I put a lot into Henry in trying to make him feel textured and real, and so that’s all I can really offer at the end of the day.”

This Is Not The Fist Time Nicholas Galtizine Has Played A Gay Role!

Nick Galitzine has played LGBTQ+ roles in three more movies and TV shows. He also played Prince Henry in Red, White, and Royal Blue. Galitzine played gay rugby player Conor Masters in the 2016 movie Handsome Devil. He played the gay high school bully Timmy Andrews in the 2020 movie The Craft: Legacy. He plays King James VI of Scotland and I of England’s lover and “favourite” George Villers in the Sky Atlantic show Mary & George. Galitzine will also play the high school jock Jeff in Bottoms, a new gay comedy movie that comes out on August 25, 2023.

This Is Not The Fist Time Nicholas Galtizine Has Played A Gay Role!

Is Nicholas Galtizine Dating Someone?

As of now, Nicholas does not seem to be dating anyone — or he likes to keep his relationship out of the public eye. Although there have been many claims that he is dating one of his leading ladies, most of those are just fans’ wishful thinking. It looks like Nicholas hasn’t been in a public romance yet. But Nicholas told Wonderland Magazine in July 2019 that he started acting because he had a crush on a girl.

“I had a serious crush on a girl who was attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and she was one of the performers. I went through with [the event] so that I could pursue this girl. And I came back with this acting agency.”

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