Is Ralph Lauren still alive or dead? Is He also a Victim of Celebrity Death Hoax?

Many worldwide were shocked and saddened by the news of fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s passing earlier this week. The June 2023 report, however, has been debunked as yet another in a long line of fabricated celebrity deaths. The 83-year-old designer’s health has been confirmed as stable. Read on to find more information about the philanthropist.


Who actually is Ralph Lauren?

Ralph Lauren is a multi-talented American business mogul, philanthropist, and designer. The Bronx, New York, is where Ralph Lauren was born. His parents were migrating Jews from Ashkenaz. Ralph Lauren’s parents were the artist and house painter Frieda Cutler and Ralph Lifshitz.

Like many other influential figures in the world of fashion, Ralph Lauren grew up in the Bronx’s thriving Jewish community.

Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren Corporation is a multinational conglomerate that bears Ralph Lauren’s name and has generated billions of dollars in revenue. Lauren has gained notoriety for showcasing classic cars, some of which have been featured in museum exhibitions.


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Is Ralph Lauren still alive or dead?

Yes, Ralph Lauren is still alive, as per reports of Vimbuzz. Lauren has one previous marriage and three offspring. Ralph Lauren held a fashion show in Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace on September 8 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his label. In a ceremony held on December 20, 1964, Lauren wed Ricky Ann Loew-Beer.

“I hate when people call me philanthropic because I see it as more coming from the heart,” Ralph Lauren said in 2014.

Ralph Lauren’s Age

Ralph Lauren is 83 years old, born on October 14, 1939.

Ralph Lauren

Final Thoughts

The fashion designer’s representatives said Tuesday (June 27) that Ralph Lauren is alive and well. Now he can add his name to the long list of famous people fooled by this scam.

They responded, “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet; he’s still here and well. The phony report has been called reckless, disturbing, and insulting by some of the designer’s devoted followers. Others argue that this proves his worldwide renown.

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