Meet Jordan Peterson’s daughter: All About Mikhaila Peterson

We are well aware of the many opinions held by Canadian psychologist and media figure Jordan Peterson. He won’t stop talking about his ideas on masculinity or his refusal to use gender-neutral pronouns.

Jordan has wed and borne children despite asserting that climate change isn’t happening. He’s been married to his wife, Tammy, since 1989, and the couple has two children, but only one of them has chosen a career in his field.

Should we be as baffled as Jordan Peterson about who his daughter is? Know More About Mikhaila Peterson, Daughter of Jordan Peterson.

Mikhaila Peterson

Mikhaila Peterson Biography

The social media star was raised in Toronto, Canada, but now makes her home in Miami, Florida, USA. Her citizenship status is that of a white Canadian citizen. Roberts’ mom and dad are Jordan and Tammy.

The Canadian social media star, clinical psychologist, author, and ex-professor at the University of Toronto is Mikhaila Peterson’s dad. Her mom is a psychologist as well. She and her younger brother, Julian, grew up together.

Mikhaila Peterson

Does Jordan Peterson have a daughter?

According to Distractify, Jordan Peterson indeed has a daughter named Mikhaila. Mikhaila Peterson is Luminate Productions Inc.’s CEO and host of “The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast”.

Her Instagram username and name have more than 766 thousand followers. She also has a top-rated podcast on YouTube, interviewing influential people in many fields. Jordan Fuller is Mikhaila’s husband.

About Mikhaila Peterson and Her Personal Life

It needs to be more evident how Mikhaila feels about Andrew on a personal level. When discussing Andrew, she has avoided giving her true feelings about him. When asked on her podcast if they had ever dated, she kept telling the account of what had happened.

Mikhaila has only publicly discussed Andrew once before, in response to a question regarding their dates in Romania during a Twitter Q&A in 2020—nor any fewer details, nor any more.

Jordan hasn’t said much either, though he has occasionally pondered Andrew’s perspectives in response to audience questions. Instead of paying attention to Andrew or the turmoil surrounding him, he prefers to consider Tate’s thoughts and views.

Mikhaila Peterson

Neither Jordan Peterson nor his daughter has commented on the ongoing seriousness of the charges against Andrew Tate nor on the fact that he was arrested in December 2022.

If found guilty, Tate will forever be remembered as one of history’s most infamous villains. Andrew Tate has publicly stated that he will sue his accusers if he is found innocent. Tate is not the only famous person to get arrested when they’re at the pinnacle of fame. Famous people, including Bill Gates and A$AP Rocky, and Robert Downey Jr., have all spent time behind bars.

Mikhaila Peterson Education

She graduated from high school and went on to study psychology and classics at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She then studied make-up art and specialized in George Brown College’s Continuing Education program.

She went to Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and got her bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences there.

How tall is Mikhaila Peterson?

Jordan Peterson’s daughter is 173 centimetres tall—about 128 pounds (58 kilograms) in weight.

Mikhaila Peterson’s Age

As of the year 2023, the Canadian podcaster will have turned 31. On January 4, 1992, she entered the world. Capricorn is her star sign.

Mikhaila Peterson

Mikhaila Peterson Profession

Canadian writer, podcaster, YouTuber, and social media influencer Mikhaila covers health and wellness topics on her channel. She got her start in the industry as a media assistant at Ryerson. The Luminate Enterprises Company currently employs her as its CEO.

She became a fitness blogger and health expert after experimenting with her diet and battling numerous medical issues in infancy. Her depression, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic conditions were resolved once she adopted The Lion Diet, which she created.

The Lion Diet is a restrictive eating plan designed to promote intestinal health. She has over 791 thousand members on her YouTube channel, which she launched on July 10, 2009. She mostly shares health and food advice through video diaries and podcasts.

The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast is her brainchild, featuring interviews with experts on taboo subjects like health, pop culture, politics, and more. The Canadian podcaster is present on YouTube and numerous other social media sites. She has over 634 thousand followers on Instagram, where she posts fitness advice and endorsements.

Mikhaila Peterson

She has around 363,000 followers on TikTok and 8.9 million likes on her videos. She primarily focuses on fitness and health tips. She also has approximately 308,000 verified followers on Twitter.

Do you know who Mikhaila Peterson’s husband is?

The couple—prominent on social media—are husband and wife. It was reported that the couple started dating in 2022. They said their wedding vows in June 2022 after being engaged in March 2022. Andrey Kulikov, a Russian-born businessman, was her ex-husband.

On July 16, 2017, the couple exchanged wedding vows. However, Mikhaila announced on social media in 2021 that she was divorcing her husband. Elizabeth Scarlett is the daughter she and her ex-husband share.


A baby girl was born to Mikhaila Peterson on August 6, 2017. She is 6 years old.

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Did Andrew Tate and Mikhaila Peterson Go Out Together?

While Mikhaila Peterson is a tremendous internet celebrity in her own right, boasting over a million YouTube subscribers. However, compared to Tate, her influence on social media is minimal. Andrew amassed a considerable fanbase before the removal of his videos from YouTube.

Andrew amassed more than 8 million subscribers. The two first met while they were both rising talents, long before they were household names. The Things reports that in an episode of her podcast, Mikhaila recalled meeting Andrew. She elaborated and revealed the actual events that had transpired. In 2018, Andrew allegedly asked Mikhaila out on a date.

Mikhaila Peterson

They were in Romania, a country they’ve visited frequently over the past five years. On a date in Romania, the two will inevitably go castle hopping. Mikhaila said they rode about in one of Andrew’s expensive vehicles. It’s no surprise that Andrew and Mikhaila spent time in one of Andrew’s many cars since he has proudly displayed them on social media.

Tate has also posted about it on his various social media accounts. Like Mikhaila, he described a romantic evening in Romania, complete with castles and sports cars for two. Even better, he said that Mikhaila’s father is “brilliant,” putting the icing on the cake of his story. They did go out on a date together, but did any sexual encounters occur?

Was there ever any formal connection between you two? Andrew came clean and said that he and Mikhaila had never hooked up. While Mikhaila has remained mum on the subject, the two were involved in no joint activities.

They have only seen each other a few times after that first date. Images of them on Mikhaila’s Twitter show them smoking cigars together, but it needs to be clarified if the photos are from 2018 or some other year.

What do Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson think about Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate’s feelings toward Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson are crystal obvious. As I said before, he mentioned how kind and intelligent Jordan and Mikhaila were as a father-daughter combo during a live stream.

Since then, Andrew’s star has soared alongside rumors of controversy around him. Fans are wondering what Jordan and Mikhaila think of the suspected criminal in light of the recent controversies, which contradict much of the couple has messaging.

Mikhaila Peterson

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