Is Rita Marley still alive in 2024? Where is the wife of Bob Marley now?

After the much-anticipated biopic Bob Marley: One Love comes out, a lot of people may be thinking about where his wife Rita Marley is now.

Rita Marley has worked with Bob Marley’s company and continues to show that she is a reggae powerhouse while carrying on her late husband’s work.

Is Rita Marley still alive in 2024?

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Yes, Expotimesonline says that Rita Marley is still alive in 2024. She had a stroke in 2016, but she has since recovered and is still involved in many charitable activities and keeping her late husband Bob Marley’s memory alive.

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Who exactly is Rita Marley?

Rita Marley, whose real name is Alfarita Constantia Anderson, is a Jamaican singer, songwriter, and businesswoman who was born in Cuba. She is married to the famous reggae singer Bob Marley and used to be in the reggae singing group I Threes, which sang backup for Bob Marley and the Wailers.

She has six kids: three with Bob and three with other men. Bob took Rita’s other two kids in as his own and gave them the name Marley.

You can find Rita Marley at the head of the Rita Marley Foundation, the Bob Marley Museum, Tuff Gong International, and the Bob Marley Foundation.

rita marley

She has also adopted 35 children from Ethiopia and looks for ways to make their lives better through her songs and charitable work.

Where is Rita Marley now?

Rita Marley now lives in Miami, Florida, after having a stroke in 2016.

rita marley

She is the founder and chairperson of several groups, such as the Bob Marley Foundation, the Bob Marley Museum, Tuff Gong International, and the Rita Marley Foundation. She is also still in charge of Bob Marley’s estate.

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