Pooja Joshi: Web Series List, Bio, Age, Wiki, Height, & Photos

If you’re a fan of Indian entertainment, then Pooja Laxmi Joshi is likely a name you have heard of before. This talented actress has built quite the career for herself in both movies and web series, and it’s no wonder why she has become so popular! In this blog post, we are going to dive into Pooja’s life with all the details – from her family history to her filmography. We will also be featuring some breathtaking photos that bring even more life to this already fascinating story. So whether you’re eager to learn more about Pooja or just curious about who she is, read on!


Pooja Joshi: Web Series List, Bio, Age, Wiki, Height, & Photos

Pooja Joshi Biography:

Attribute Information
Name Pooja Joshi
Profession Actress
Known for BubblePur- Kooku, Scorned, Sarla Bhabhi
Date of Birth May 27, 1989
Place of Birth Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Works – BubblePur- Kooku (2021) TV Series, 8.2 rating, 4 episodes<br>- Scorned (2020), 3.5 rating<br>- Sarla Bhabhi (2019–2020) TV Series, 7.3 rating, 6 episodes<br>- Agent Mona 0.1 (2020) Short, 8.4 rating<br>- Mere Husband Kee Dulhaniya (2020) TV Series, 6.9 rating, 3 episodes<br>- Intercourse 2 (2020) Video, 6.3 rating
Children Ridhimma
Parents Rajveer Joshi
Nickname Kimayaa



Pooja Joshi: Web Series List, Bio, Age, Wiki, Height, & Photos Pooja Joshi: Web Series List, Bio, Age, Wiki, Height, & Photos Pooja Joshi: Web Series List, Bio, Age, Wiki, Height, & Photos

Pooja Joshi Web Series List:

No. Title & Episode Name Year Stars & Main Cast
1 Mere Husband Kee Dulhaniya 2020- Pooja Joshi, Sejal Shah, Vishal Singh
2 Scorned 2020 Tanveer Hashmi, Pooja Joshi, Paras Randhawa…
3 Agent Mona 0.1 2020 Hrithik, Pooja Joshi, Manoj, Hiral Radadiya
4 BubblePur- Kooku 2021 Bhavna Rokade, Govardhan Asrani, Pradeep Kabra…
5 Sarla Bhabhi 2019- Pooja Joshi, Ajay Bafna, Juhi Chatterjee, Zoya Rathore
6 Intercourse 2 2020 Dilip, Pooja Joshi, Naagraj, Hiral Radadiya
7-9 Mere Husband Kee Dulhaniya, Episodes #1.1-#1.3 2020 Pooja Joshi, Sejal Shah, Vishal Singh
10-13 BubblePur- Kooku, Episodes #1.2-#1.6 2021 Varied (inc. Govardhan Asrani, Pooja Joshi etc)
14-16 Sarla Bhabhi, Episodes S01E01-S01E03 2019-2020 Mrinalini Chatterjee, Pooja Joshi
17-19 Sarla Bhabhi, Episodes S03E01-S03E03 2020 Pooja Joshi


1. Mere Husband Kee Dulhaniya (2020– )

Mere Husband kee Dulhaniya- Webseries trailer of #Fliz Movies

Duration: 28 minutes per episode Genre: Drama Rating: 6.9

Mere Husband Kee Dulhaniya chronicles the intricate dynamics of marriage and relationships. Pooja Joshi, Sejal Shah, and Vishal Singh have mesmerized audiences with their on-screen chemistry. While details about the plot are yet to unfold, the series promises a deep dive into the nuances of marital bonds, judging by the title and star cast.

2. Scorned (2020)

Scorned | Feature Film | Pooja Joshi | Shikha Sinha |

Duration: 104 minutes Genre: Thriller Rating: 3.5

Directed by Tanveer Hashmi, Scorned is a tale of betrayal and vengeance. The film takes viewers on a roller coaster as Kajal’s romantic getaway with Akshay turns nightmarish when she learns about Akshay’s affair with her best friend, Yamini. Pooja Joshi’s versatile acting chops are again on display, and the movie offers a gripping narrative on relationships gone awry.

3. Agent Mona 0.1 (2020)

Agent Mona 0.1

Duration: 25 minutes Genre: Short, Action Rating: 8.4

Directed by Chetan Sharma, this action-packed short film centers around a brilliant special agent tasked with a mission to eliminate an international terrorist. Pooja Joshi joins the cast, ensuring a dynamic performance alongside Hrithik, Manoj, and Hiral Radadiya.

4. BubblePur- Kooku (2021)

BubblePur Part 1 | #OfficialTrailer | #StreamingNOW | KOOKUAPP.CO.UK

Duration: 30 minutes per episode Genre: Drama Rating: 8.2

Set in the backdrop of a village named Bubblepur, this series seamlessly blends innocence, romance, comedy, and a bit of stupidity. The tale starts with the arrival of three friends and takes audiences through a comedic whirlwind as the villagers grapple with their naive understanding of the outside world.

5. Sarla Bhabhi (2019– )

Sarla Bhabhi webseries- Trailer

Duration: 28 minutes per episode Genre: Comedy Rating: 7.3

A comedy series with Pooja Joshi at the forefront alongside Ajay Bafna, Juhi Chatterjee, and Zoya Rathore. The exact plot details remain a mystery, but the title suggests a narrative centered around the central character, Sarla Bhabhi, and her comedic adventures.

6. Intercourse 2 (2020)

Intercourse 2 (2020)

Genre: Short, Romance Rating: 6.3

Directed by Tanveer Hashmi, this short film offers a comedic take on online dating. As a simple girl falls head over heels for a man she meets online, viewers can expect a series of hilarious events, proving that love in the digital age can be as chaotic as it is endearing.

In conclusion, Pooja Laxmi Joshi has truly made an impact in the world of acting. From her humble beginnings to her big break into the limelight, she has demonstrated her strength as an individual and actress, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Her popular movies, web series, and behind-the-scenes involvement have greatly contributed to her success story—from choosing unique roles to wearing well-crafted costumes, Pooja surely knows how to capture our attention. Despite having a busy lifestyle as a celebrity, Pooja is still motivated and finds ways to balance her time between home and work life—which is nothing short of inspiring! All we have left to say is that thank you for your contagious passion and relentless spirit Ms.Joshy and never stop spreading positivity throughout the lives you touch! if you’re ever looking for some motivation from an unlikely source or feel like exploring the power of positive thinking more, why not give Pooja a follow on Instagram or read one of her many inspiring quotes? The possibilities are endless— so set forth towards greatness now!

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