Robyn Bernard’s Cause of Death: General Hospital Actress Found Dead in an Open Field

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said that actress Robyn Bernard was found dead in a field behind a store in San Jacinto, California. Bernard had been in 145 episodes of the 1980s soap opera General Hospital.

What is Robyn Bernard?

The actor Robyn Bernard was known for her parts in many movies and TV shows, such as “Betty Blue” (1986), “Diva” (1981), and “Roselyne and the Lions” (1989).

She was Terry Brock on “General Hospital” for more than ten years. The late Robyn Bernard died in San Jacinto, California, on March 12, 2024.

Robyn Bernard

She was 64 years old. The reason for her death has not been made public. She was found in an open field behind a business in San Jacinto. The people who will miss Robyn Bernard are her father and her two sisters, Crystal and Scarlett.

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Robyn Bernard’s Cause of Death

News18 says that the official reason for Robyn Bernard’s death has not been found yet. In San Jacinto, California, her body was found in an open area behind a business.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said there was no sign of foul play. A lab report is still being prepared, and it could be weeks before it gives us more information about how she died.

Robyn Bernard

Tributes poured in Robyn Bernard death news

When people heard that Robyn Bernard had died, they sent her a lot of tributes. Tweets and other social media sites were used by fans and coworkers to share their sympathies and memories of the actress from her time on “General Hospital.”

Many fans talked about their favorite times with her and how sad they were about her death, remembering what she did for the show and how she affected viewers. The flood of tributes showed how much Robyn Bernard meant to people who watched her career in the entertainment business.

Robyn Bernard

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