Why Did Russell Simmons And Kimora Lee Simmons Get A Divorce? Reasons Revealed!

Kimora Lee Simmons accused her ex-husband Russell Simmons of “bullying” and “threatening” their kids, Ming Lee Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons, in a series of Instagram stories shared on Monday.

Kimora, who is 48 years old, said that the co-founder of Def Jam was “threatening [ing] the lives of [their] kids.” She said that this caused Aoki to have “severe panic attacks” and be put on “emergency medication” when she talked to him.

Aoki, who is 20 years old, wrote about how he treated her in text messages and a hushed FaceTime call that she put on her Instagram. The young Harvard graduate was crying and looking upset on the phone with her dad Russell, who seemed to be talking to her angrily. Here, we look more closely at the reasons why Kimora and Russell broke up almost 15 years ago.

Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons

When Did Russell Simmons And Kimora Lee Simmons Get Married?

Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons got married on December 20, 1998. The ceremony took place in New York City. The couple had been dating for several years prior to their marriage. Their wedding was attended by family, friends, and notable figures from the entertainment and fashion industries. They met while Kimora was modeling during Fashion Week in New York City and went on to have two children together: Ming in 2000 (now 23) and Aoki in 2002.

When Did Russell Simmons And Kimora Lee Simmons Get Married?

When Did Russell Simmons And Kimora Lee Simmons File For Divorce?

In 2006, they announced their split, but noted that they had already been separated for some time. Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons filed for divorce in 2008. Kimora filed for divorce, citing Russell’s infidelity as the reason. However, the divorce was not finalized until 2009. They had been married for 11 years before announcing their separation in March 2009.

Russell told People magazine in a statement at the time: “Kimora and I will remain committed parents and caring friends with great love and admiration for each other.”

She requested full legal and physical custody of their children, and asked that he be allowed “reasonable child visitation, to be accompanied at all times by the children’s nanny and security personnel.”

According to Today Show, they got divorced for good in January 2009. In February 2009, it was said that Russell had agreed to pay $40,000 a month in child support until their youngest child turned 19.5 years old. Kimora got complete control of their two daughters.

When Did Russell Simmons And Kimora Lee Simmons File For Divorce

Why Did Russell Simmons And Kimora Lee Simmons Get A Divorce? Reasons Revealed!

Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons got a divorce for various reasons. One of the primary factors that led to their divorce was reported infidelity on Russell’s part. Kimora filed for divorce citing his infidelity as the reason for their marital breakdown.

It is important to note that divorce is a complex and personal matter, and specific details about their relationship and the exact reasons for their divorce may not be publicly disclosed. Privacy and personal boundaries should be respected when discussing such matters.

Russell Simmons’ Ex-Wife and Daughter Accuse Him of Verbal Abuse

According to Instagram posts from his daughter Aoki Lee Simmons and ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons, Russell Simmons, a hip-hop and lifestyle mogul, has become more and more erratic and violent toward his own family.

On Monday, Aoki posted tense text chats with her father to her Instagram Stories and said, “He’s been awful to me for years.” One post shows Simmons calling Kimora, Aoki’s mother, a “piece of [s]hit, ” accusing her of taking money from him. In the next set of text images, Aoki says that Simmons only calls her to rant and swear about his legal issues. She showed Simmons yelling on a muffled recording of a FaceTime call. She said, “This is not someone who will accept help.”

Kimora shared her own concerns about Simmons’ recent behavior in Instagram Stories and warned him in an Instagram Live of what else may come out if he doesn’t deescalate, saying she has “receipts” proving how he’s spiraled downward. “Please don’t attack my children. They’ve been through so much,” Kimora pleaded. “Please don’t attack my family, which is supposed to be your family, too.” She added that Simmons seems to be “at rock bottom” and may be desperate for money.

Kimora shared her own

In her posts, Aoki alleged that Simmons has vowed to prevent her from getting certain fashion jobs, “threatened and bullied” her sister and grandmother, and lashed out randomly at anyone he perceives as not supporting him. She also speculated that he’s in the midst of a mental health crisis or “experiencing something like dementia,” as he “acts like he hates and does not know his children frequently.” Before this latest phase, she said, Simmons was “the best dad ever” and the change has been “terrifying.”

Aoki alleged that Simmons

Aoki seemed to indicate a need to cut ties with Simmons, at least for the time being, saying in a comment that she would have to block him. In her last Instagram Story on the subject, she included a happy photo of Simmons holding her as a young girl, writing, “I did the best that I could, anyway I’m out of here.”

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