Did You Know About Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Tattoos? Connection to Chay Revealed!

Samantha ruth prabhu is an indian actress who has made a name for herself in cinema, and four years of marriage between samantha and naga chaitanya ended due to irreconcilable differences. The actress has three tattoos, all related to the actor naga chaitanya. This has sparked much interest among fans and the media alike – what does the tattoo mean? Is there a more profound significance to this design? This article will look closely at samantha ruth prabhu’s tattoo, exploring its possible meaning and symbolism.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s All Three Tattoos And Their Meaning

First Tattoo On Right Wrist

Before their marriage in 2017, Samantha and Naga Chaitanya were frequently Spotted with identical tattoos on their wrists. “The tattoo is a Viking symbol that means ‘create your own reality.’ In fact, this tattoo nearly confirmed their relationship before it was officially established.

In 2017, when Naga Chaitanya and Samantha tied the knot in a grand ceremony, the former received a new Viking symbol. One of his fans deciphered Chay’s Morse code wedding date tattoo.

Second Tattoo On Neck

Samantha displayed her second tattoo, inked on the nape of her neck. The text is YMC. Samantha made her Telugu debut with the film Yeh Maaya Chesave. Samantha met Naga Chaitanya for the first time on the filming set of Yeh Maaya Chesave. This tattoo is a tribute to her debut film and first meeting with Chay.

Third Tattoo On Ribs

Samantha revealed her third tattoo on her side rib in July 2019. The tattoo is the name, Chay. She captioned the image: 

Living my best life …😎… (the only tattoo that I’ve been hiding finally on display 🤪) @chayakkineni my husband my world ❤️

Never, Never, Ever Get A Tattoo: Samantha

A couple of months earlier, a fan asked Samantha for tattoo recommendations during an Instagram ‘ask me anything’ session. She seemed to have some advice, stating that the individual should not get a tattoo at all. While she did not directly state anything, she appeared to have an underlying meaning.

 “You know, the one thing I’d tell my younger self is never ever get a tattoo. Never. Never ever. Ever, get a tattoo.”

Though she did not specify why she would tell her younger self this, she does have three tattoos and it appeared that she regretted getting them after the breakup.

Did Chay Remove His Tattoo After Divorce?

During a recent Rapid Fire interview with Bollywood Bubble, he asked why he is not removing the Tattoo after divorce. The young actor disclosed that he has no intention of removing his tattoo, which is a Morse code for his wedding date. As ‘things can change,’ he advised fans against tattooing such details on their hands.


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