Fact Check: Did Violet Myers Dead Or Still Alive?

Violet Myers is an American model, YouTuber, and social media influencer. Myers is known for her work in adult videos and web scenes, and she debuted in the adult business in 2018. She has worked for several production groups, including The Score Group, Pulse Distribution, Many Vids, and Team Skeet. Myers has a natural body with a curvy shape and triple-D breasts.

In addition to her fame as a model, she has become known for sharing explicit photos and videos of herself on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. Rumors have floating around the internet that Myers died of mysterious causes. Several online publications later reported that she had died of a heart attack. In this article we tell you everything about Violet Myers including her death rumour. Let’s find out.

Violet Myers

Is Violet Myers Dead or Still Alive?

According to The Scoop, Violet Myers is still alive and her Instagram feed shows that she’s been posting often. Other reliable outlets quickly discredited the news of his death. On November 20, 2021, reports of Violet Myers’ death circulated widely online.

Violet Myers

At the time of the rumor, the actress’s career was pinnacle. Her death was mysterious, and no one ever revealed why or how she died. Later, though, many online sources asserted falsely that she died of a heart attack.

After the announcement, messages of congratulations from her fans and acquaintances began appearing online. However, neither her loved ones nor any other credible third parties confirmed this.

Violet Myers

It turned out that the speculations regarding the adult actress’s death were utterly false. This has been approved by her social media posts and other independent research.

The Early Life OF Violet Myers

Violet was born on February 24, 1997, and she grew up in Los Angeles, California. She attended the local high school and, during her time there, decided to enter the fashion and modeling industries after graduation. She first became known as a model thanks to the tens of thousands of people who followed her after seeing her photos on Instagram and other social media sites.

Violet Myers, who has worked as an actress, director, model, and Instagram influencer, is better known by her online moniker, Luna Bunny. Her mother is Mexican, and her father is Turkish. The actress keeps her personal life, including her family, very private, so we don’t know who they are or what they’re up to.

She hasn’t been very forthcoming about her educational background, although it has been revealed that she did, in fact, complete high school in the area. What’s more, we have no idea if she graduated or not.

Violet Myers

Violet Myers Career Accomplishments

Violet Myers debuted in the adult film industry in 2018. She was able to quickly amass a fan base thanks to the high quality of her work. By the end of that year, she had starred in a slew of adult short films and had become a recognized authority in the field. She started posting more frequently on social media as her fame grew. So, on December 14th, 2018, she made her YouTube channel.

She uploaded her debut video to the platform in July of 2019. Usually, she uses the channel to share vlog-style videos. In the past two years, she has amassed over 159k subscribers and 4.7m video views on her channel. She also streams frequently on Twitch, often many times per month. She streams not just Just Chatting but also games like Phasmophobia, Crab Game, etc.

Over 32,000 people are now following her on the streaming service. Her Instagram account, waifu violet, has over 253,000 followers and showcases her stunning photography. She has worked with top actors and production companies for three to four years. Multiple award nominations recognized her abilities.

Violet Myers

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