When did Molly and Callum from Love Island break up? Reason Behind their Split Also Explained

Molly and Callum were in the news because they were one of the few couples who stayed together after the winter season of Love Island finished. Again, they were in the news when they broke up in September 2023 after being together for three years.

Love Island: All Stars started on January 15 with a group of stars from past seasons of Love Island. The internet was shocked when Molly and Callum showed up as single people on the new season of the popular reality show.

The season premiere on ITV at 4 pm ET ended on a cliffhanger when Molly was revealed as a bombshell while Callum picked a contestant to pair up with.

About Love Island

Love Island

Love Island UK is a reality dating show on ITV2 that follows a group of attractive contestants, also called “islanders,” as they meet and start dating in a private house on a tropical island.

The UK version of Love Island first aired on ITV in 2005, but when it was brought back on ITV2 in 2015, it became a worldwide hit, watched by millions of people weekly. Many other shows have been based on Love Island UK in places like the US, Australia, South Africa, and Spain since then. 

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When did Molly and Callum from Love Island break up? 

CapitalFm says that Molly and Callum from Love Island broke up in late 2023. Their split was reportedly because Molly wanted to get engaged, but Callum had not proposed. This led to Callum moving out of the home they were living in. There were also fan theories that their breakup was staged to allow them to appear on the show Love Island All-Stars, but these theories have been debunked.

Molly and Callum

Why did Callum and Molly break up on Love Island UK?

StyleCaster says that while neither of them has publicly said anything about the breakup, sources told The Sun that all the talk about getting married and having kids caused the fight.

A source told the newspaper, “They’re trying to stay friends,” which meant that the couple did break up in September 2023. A source said, “It’s sad because they were such a cute couple together, but it’s over and has been for a few weeks.”

“They were together for over three years, but it’s hard.” Molly probably wanted to get engaged, but it didn’t happen. Everyone was shocked when they broke up because they were so well-matched. Their two dogs are now with different people because he moved out of the house they shared with her.

Molly and Callum

People were shocked when they got back together on Love Island: All-Stars on January 15, 2024. The host, Maya, said that Callum could either steal one of the women from their new partner or get back together with his ex.

Some people thought this was odd and wondered if Molly and Callum were still together. One fan asked, “Are we even sure that Callum and Molly aren’t still together?” “Molly and Callum are still together. They’re going in there for the attention,” said another watcher.

The feelings kept going. “Callum and Molly still have videos of themselves together on Instagram. It might be an attempt to get attention,” said someone else. “It doesn’t matter what people say. Calum and Molly broke up on purpose so they could go in together. “Been together for three years and broke up six months before All Stars airs—they’re getting paid a lot of money,” said another tweet.

After celebrating two years together, Callum told the Daily Mail, “We are perfect.” We have two dogs, which makes us a real little family. It’s so cute. We have other things we want to focus on right now, but it’s clear that we both want it in the future… He went on, “We haven’t decided when.” At the moment, we’re just enjoying what we have. Family and marriage will come up with time.

Molly and Callum

Who actually are Molly and Callum from Season 6 of Love Island?

Calum Jones was born in Manchester, UK, on May 8, 1996. He is 27 years old. Before he went on Love Island’s winter season, he worked as a scaffolder. Callum became well-known on Instagram for his modelling photos before he became a TV star. His Instagram shows that he loves food and travelling.

Molly Smith, who is 30 years old, is also from Manchester. She was born on September 9, 1993, and has been a model for a long time. She is now a beauty influencer who works with several brands. For fitness-related posts, she has a private Instagram account.

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