Lynja Cause of Death: How did “Cooking with Lynja” star die unexpectedly?

Cooking with Lynja Cause of Death: Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lynja has been known for editing her food videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube in a way that makes them funny.

There are four children and two grandchildren living with the woman. This article will let you know the cause of death of the TikTok star.


“Cooking with Lynja” star Lynn Yamada Davis dead at 67

Lynn Yamada Davis, who made the TikTok channel “Cooking with Lynja” and was known as “the internet’s grandma” for her funny and educational cooking videos, has died. She was 67 years old.

The New York Times reported that Davis’s daughter Hannah Mariko Shofet said her mother died on January 1 of stomach cancer. In videos shared online on Friday, her youngest son and co-creator of her social media accounts, Tim Davis, told everyone that his mother had died.

The New York Times says Davis was told in 2019 that she had throat cancer and in 2021 that she had oesophagus cancer.

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Lynn Yamada Davis was an engineer before becoming Internet Celebrity

Davis used to work as an engineer for a long time before she became famous on social media. While a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she worked for the federal government to make federal buildings easier for people with disabilities to get into.

After that, she attended Columbia University and earned her MBA and MPH. After that, she worked at AT&T Labs. During her 29 years here, she worked as a project manager and a systems engineer.

Fans who want her to be their grandmother are lovely, but Davis told PEOPLE that one of her favourite things about being famous online is the chance to travel.


Last summer, she visited Japan with Nick DiGiovanni, a food TikTok star and regular collaborator. Davis flew to the United Arab Emirates for the Forbes Women’s Summit in 2022.

She got a Streamy Award in the food category and was named one of Forbes’ Top 50 over 50 Creators. The best thing about Cooking with Lynja for Davis was that it allowed her to spend time with her family.

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