Who is Rashid Khan’s wife? The Truth Behind the Story on Google Search

If you look on Google for the name of Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan’s wife, Anushka Sharma’s name will come up. Really? No, no. If you type “Rashid Khan wife” into Google, you’ll see Anushka’s name and pictures.

Virat Kohli is married to Anushka Sharma. So why does her name show up when you search Google for Rashid Khan’s wife? Want to know more about this? This is the story.

Rashid Khan

Who is Rashid Khan?

Rashid Khan is an Afghan cricket player born in 1998 and is co-captain of his team. Eighteen of them played in Afghanistan’s first-ever Test match, which they played against India in June 2018.

After a year, Rashid led the team in the one-off Test match against Bangladesh. Also, at age 20, he was the youngest cricket player to lead his team in a Test match.

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Who is Rashid Khan’s wife?

Sportskeeda says that Rashid Khan, an Afghanistan spinner, is not married. Rashid told the public in July 2020, “I will get engaged and married once Afghanistan wins the cricket World Cup.”

Rashid Khan

The Google search shows Anushka Sharma as Rashid Khan’s wife. Why is that?

Google’s algorithm was wrong when it showed Anushka Sharma, a famous Bollywood actress and wife of Indian cricket team leader Virat Kohli, as Rashid Khan’s wife. Many rumours, jokes, and news stories were written about the same thing, and people thought it happened because of an interview.

A few days before the mess, Rashid Khan had a question-and-answer session with his friends. If you asked the cricketer which Bollywood star he liked best, he would say, “Anushka Sharma and Preity Zinta.” After the fact, Google realized their mistake and fixed it right away.

Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan Family

The names of Rashid Khan’s parents have yet to be discovered. Rashid Khan’s father died in 2018, and he also wrote an unfortunate post about it on social media. He was also close to her mother but never showed her a picture.

In June 2020, Rashid’s mother also died. He has ten siblings: six brothers and four girls, which is interesting. He gave me some videos of him playing cricket in his backyard.

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