Kewan Platt: Where Is The Controversial Basketball Player Now?

Kewan Platt is one of the few athletes with fans and haters in equal measure. In 2018, he was in the news for getting into a fight during a college basketball game, which got him suspended. People know him for the bad things he does on the court. Still, a lot of time has passed since those events, and readers may wonder where Kewan Platt is now and what he is doing. This article talks about what a famous basketball player is doing now and in the past.

Kewan Platt

What Happened To Kewan Platt?

In 2018, Kewan Platt was kicked off from Fitchburg State University for elbowing an opponent in the face during a game. This aggressive act resulted in his banishment from the university. The incident received widespread condemnation from the media and the public due to its aggressive nature.

Initially, Platt expressed remorse to the victim, apologizing and feeling genuinely sorry for his actions. However, a later tweet from Platt seemed to imply a change in his sentiments. His current situation remains unknown as he is no longer a part of the Fitchburg State basketball team.

After a video of the elbow incident went viral, the event got much attention. After Platt was kicked out of the game, the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC) and the NCAA suspended him. Platt openly apologized for what he did, but it hurt his basketball career, and we don’t know what he did after that. On Instagram in 2018, Platt asked his fans if they wanted him to return. On Twitter in 2022, he said, “I was sorry then, but I’m not sorry now.”

Some people wanted Platt to be charged with assault after the event got a lot of negative attention. It also led to talks about how important it is to be polite and respectful in college sports.

What Happened To Kewan Platt

Where Is Kewan Platt Now?

Kewan Platt was banned from Fitchburg State University in 2018 for elbowing an opponent in the face during a game. After the event, he apologized to Nate Tenaglia on social media and said he felt “deep regret” for his actions. Reports say that Platt may still play hoops and is dating someone he knew in college. However, where he is now and what he does for a living is still being determined.

Platt wrote in April 2022, “I was sorry then, but I’m not sorry now,” along with an emoji of a horned face. It needs to be clarified what this comment was made in or if he has returned since then.

Because of how bad the 2018 episode was, Platt was suspended indefinitely and kicked off the campus of Fitchburg State University. Since then, he has kept a low profile, and no one knows what he is doing now, including if he will play basketball again.

After what happened, Platt openly said he was sorry for what he did and stressed his sadness. However, he did something terrible that hurt his image and basketball career. There is currently no information about what he is doing or whether he has returned to playing competitive basketball since the suspension.

What Did The Intrigue Say When He Was Asked About Being Suspended?

During a Division III basketball game, Kewan Platt hit another player, Nate Tenaglia, in the face with an elbow. Platt honestly said sorry for this terrible thing he did. He apologised for what he did and admitted to letting down his friends, teachers, and Fitchburg State University.

Platt admitted that his mean behaviour toward another athlete terribly affected everyone concerned. He said that the excitement of the game had gotten the best of him and made him make a mistake. Platt said he felt terrible about how disappointed he made his teammates, teachers, and the university.

Platt also admitted that he was fully responsible for his actions and knew that he had to deal with the results of those actions. He said he was sorry that he could no longer serve the school and his team, and he knew that this would significantly affect his future in basketball.

Because Platt said he was sorry, it showed that he wanted to take responsibility for his violent actions and understood how bad they were. Even though what happened was very bad, his apology was crucial to admitting he was wrong, asking for forgiveness, and using the situation to grow and think about himself.

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